May 2, 2008

I guess they did put this previously Draft Blogger feature in the fast track. or at least that is what it seems like. but i bet that the sudden criticism from various Mainstream Blogs and figures from the competing platforms helped for it to get released in only 44 days. time that is still slow. no reason this feature should not have seen the light in one month anyway.

I am of course among those who criticized the lack of such feature to begin with and pleaded for it to be released to all as soon as possible.

Glad to see that it was exactly what was on the mind of lots more than me. so all in all. good job Blogger.

I also reiterate that the reason why this feature was needed to be active for all was that those who actually would use the feature are not posting from the Blogger Dashboard but from a Blog Editor or a Phone. so i also welcome this feature to, because it will be easier for me to keep Bloggeratto updated.

The last thing to note is that there are no details on this feature yet, and by details i mean it is not confirmed it works 100% well with Blog Editor Apps, by Phone or for FTP users . a reassuring remark by Blogger would be nice, even then it is more than likely than it works as it should given it is all about the time stamp assigned to a post

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