Oct 27, 2006

It seems Blogger is now going out of a limb to be as self serving as possible to Google for the rest of the Blogosphere, in what other way it ocurred to them that making a post where the only thing translated to the audience is that:

1)-They don´t like when you say bad things about them even if they are true so they will let you know about it as if they were some sort of melodramatic girlfriend:

Hence the "Don´t You Dare To Judge Me" reference in the title.

2.-If you are pointing out things, cut us some Slack and don´t be so Harsh,We are part of Google, we are the good guys..friends?.

Or in even simpler terms: WHINNING.

All this disguissed in some long Babble as how google consumes everything Blogger, meaning that they live the brand to the max, etc,etc.

Even if that they accept how fucked up Blogger v2.0 is and they transform that into a PR speech:

In conclusion, dogfood = yum, even when it has bugs! Blogger is powerful, secure, sophisticated -- and yet a tremendously easy to use tool that enables millions of people around the world to share their lives with each other on the web. And it's only getting better with age.

Wich is mostly true in the part after the awful "dogfood = yum, even when it has bugs!"statement, the problem is that such a post was not needed, i think it makes more harm that good to the Blogger image even if they were aiming for the opposite.


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