Jan 3, 2010


Cyclur is a feed widget generator. It lets you do everything from a well designed single page. The main hook of it is that it is iframe based so it will work everywhere while remaining light. The problem to this is that it is subject to fail to load more easily than a JavaScript widget.


But the generator is simple and will let you customize and preview the results instantly as as you change things. For example i moved some details from the default preview Cyclur widget and 30 seconds later i had this widget (Photo below) with the code ready to go in the bottom of the page.


The other problem so far is that either its feed validator is too picky, or there is something wrong with it. It failed to recognize feeds coming feedburner. I tried with several of them and some did worked so maybe it was just me. Cyclur is also promising a advanced version of this generator for later. I do like the simplicity of it. just hope it works right.


If you want to put it in your Blogger Blog, then you need to grad your generated code and follow these 4 simply steps:

  • 1.-Go to your Layout section.
  • 2.-Click Add Gadget in your desired sidebar section
  • 3.-Select the HTML/JS gadget
  • 4.-Paste your Cyclur Code
  • 5.-Save and Place accordingly.






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