Dec 31, 2007
Once Again

Another year closing for the new times to come, and of those new times i have been thinking around lately not in a over optimistic way but in a patient way, because i truly want to make the best of them as possible.

That is pretty much the wish i leave on you all too, that you can simply live without too many tribulations thriving onwards in the path constructed from the dreams of the old year we leave.

As always,i give thanks for being, now lets just see what the future awaits for me and for you to live.

Feliz Año Nuevo A todos

Dec 24, 2007

This has been a weird year, the weirdest year i had for sure, but it is always nice to celebrate Navidad, so i wish that all of you pass a good Xmas , as  good as it can get.

I will leave with some images i snatched from the web that let you see the ice skate rig Mexico city government installed in the historic center of the city.

pasta de hielo con bandera

pista de hielo


Dec 15, 2007
not much to say n the blog status beyond what the title implies.

in the meantime, i place a little poll at the sidebar, so if you got one second to lose, please vote on it.

now for some notes:

*i want to give thanks to the comments that believe it or not even almost a year after still appear in the top ten posts and a weekly e-mail i still receive, something i find incredible too. so thank you all.

*lots of changes in blogger in the last 3 months, some of the last so called true and through Bloggers has jumped ship to Wordpress because they found it easier and because they say it gives benefits, i have found that such a thing only applies to less thant 10% of cases. and on the added benefits, now that Google said that Blogs will be added to the universal index by default i doubt the benefits will be that good when compared to Blogger. and then there is the Blogger upgrades and new features being pushed by Google at long last, something expected because Blogger along picasa are always the most relegated properties. but from what i know it seems blogger will get relevant again in lets see.

*people from the Bleet are now back in the game, from phydeaux3,to stephen and of course my friend and now not so kiddo Aditya "busy college man" Mukherjee. so why not me returning when things are finally getting interesting again?.

but when i say back in the game, i refer to Blogger based blogs, since i have been blogging most of 2007 with the last example being Widgets lab along Derek Anderson.


well, let see what the future awaits.

Aug 9, 2007

Every month since i closed Bloggeratto, i received a constant 100 e-mails for the archive, so i decided that i should let people see it while i prepare the new Bloggeratto.

IT will use Blogger, i am not taking the easy exit as other have done, i will continue with it, i will expand on it, it will be now a full bloggerosphere blog and depending on a deal i got in the pipeline, it may or may not include quite a lot of a different content with the known "all bout blogging" angle it always had.

Bloggeratto, Avatar-x, and another blog will most likely launch at the same time, i will not say a exact date because i have learned my lesson very well, i am sorry i had left, i should not have left Blogger frustrating terms from the version 3.0 could get into me. so i am doing it again, and this time i plan to stick around.

In the meantime, while you wait for this and my other projects. you can find me at where i am also writing along other blogs you will know about when i gear up with all of this.

And also check me up in where you can check up what is going live and when even before it happens.

Thanks for your attention.


update: no,the title is not a grammar mistake, it is written in ZOMBIE style... sheesh

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