Aug 9, 2007

Every month since i closed Bloggeratto, i received a constant 100 e-mails for the archive, so i decided that i should let people see it while i prepare the new Bloggeratto.

IT will use Blogger, i am not taking the easy exit as other have done, i will continue with it, i will expand on it, it will be now a full bloggerosphere blog and depending on a deal i got in the pipeline, it may or may not include quite a lot of a different content with the known "all bout blogging" angle it always had.

Bloggeratto, Avatar-x, and another blog will most likely launch at the same time, i will not say a exact date because i have learned my lesson very well, i am sorry i had left, i should not have left Blogger frustrating terms from the version 3.0 could get into me. so i am doing it again, and this time i plan to stick around.

In the meantime, while you wait for this and my other projects. you can find me at where i am also writing along other blogs you will know about when i gear up with all of this.

And also check me up in where you can check up what is going live and when even before it happens.

Thanks for your attention.


update: no,the title is not a grammar mistake, it is written in ZOMBIE style... sheesh


Efendi said...

finally :) some good news for Bloggeratto ;)

always waitin' for u hermano :)

may the best rolled out from you :D

protesto said...

Lets rock mate ;)

Derek Anderson said...

It has been many days since I last saw the Bloggeratto logo. It is a good sight!
Thank You.

Avatar said...

Thanks everyone, too bad it is still tons of work to be done... :P

TonNet said...

hey! Buddy. Welcome back.

Brainiac said...

Felicitaciones por tu regreso! y por partida doble, he entrado muy a menudo y no sabía que participaras en Widgets Lab página que también visito.

Avatar said...

Gracias Brainiac, si ahora tambien estoy ahi de Co-author y co-director del blog.. es por eso que ha ido cambiando gradualmente si lo has notado.

Puedes esperar verme en varios lados mas, es por eso que puse lo del Mybloglog.

Y como es que no tienes un post tributo a Mike Weringo?, no supiste que se murio?..

Brainiac said...

Si me enteré, a los 44 años y de un ataque al corazón, me plantée hacer un recordatorio sí, perooo mea culpa! xD ya veo que sigues el tema de los comics! xD

La verdad es que ando ocupadillo por que me quiero mudar a la neo template de hackosphere y estoy probando con la librería de efectos mootools (menu ojo de pez, kwick, etc,...) y otras cosillas y me tiene absorbido.


Ricardo Santos said...

Woah woah

Welcome back

Avatar said...

pues espero que todo en ese blog salga, bien si hay algo que viene le vendria es una refrescadita de look.

ya veremos como queda entonces.

Avatar said...

pues espero que todo en ese blog salga, bien si hay algo que viene le vendria es una refrescadita de look.

ya veremos como queda entonces.

Avatar said...

thanks Riqui, but don`t push it..

Amit Kheterpal said...

Hi Avatar,
I added as the originator of the Bloggeratto and created a mening for the same but what does that actualy mean . Please explain and I will correct the meaning ..

Avatar said...

Dear Amit:

thanks for the link and the consideration to link both bleet and bloggeratto to me, your indication on bleet is of course:

Bleet = Blogger + Elite (deformed on l33t speak of course)

on My name: Avatar i cannot say the why but i can tell you that when i got the word (in 1995-96). the word was not used for what it is used mostly wrongly so now. i added the "X" as a individual distintion in the very same vein why it is added in the historic context. now i get asked if i choose the word because i like the cartoon, something that pisses me to no end.

to avoid using the word i made up the word "picon" that stands for Personal Icon so i can refer to a visual ID without having a "the Who" like scenario.

and Derek is Derek Anderson the guy from Widgetslab, a friend of mine but i am not him and he is not me either.. so if you could take off your reference on it, that would be nice.

Bloggeratto is actually a modern transgression of Blogger + ato (thhe double "t" is my doing). just like that, in italian you usually extend that to a word as a personal distintion in singular , for example literati refers to the a crowd of literature enthusiasts , when you say literato, tutti un literato means: totally on literature(as in someone, since translating it in a literal sense would make no sense) todo un literato (it translates better in Spanish of course becase you don`t mess with the untranslatable word at all and pass the meaning as it is, be it a slang word or not)

so in resume: Bloggeratto = Someone all about Blogger, a blogger enthusiast if you will, the double "g" in this case is because i refer in specific to the brand, and is also the reason why i added the second "t", to smooth the sound of the word and because i thought it also read better written tat way.

i hope my ramblings make some sense to you.


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