Aug 31, 2006

Scott Wilkinson from Banana Stew just posted a guided look into the code inside the recently opened HTML Editor from Blog he has in Blogger v3.0

It is a very good look into it,so if your having your way into the new Blogger code, why you don´t give it a look?:

Deconstructing Blogger Beta HTML Template Editing

Have fun!

Scot updated the post and added a easy to read version of the table in the post and since i was going to add this,i decided to add his logo to this post too.

Ramani E-mailed me with the news that he is getting into the new Blogger full force, and in the meantime while he is learning the stuff,he managed to do his First Blogger v3.0 Hack:

Drop Down Labels

So, if you like Drop Downs, you will only have to follow the easy tutorial Ramani has written for all of us.

Keep it up Ramani!

Ah, the maximum irony of Gmail, is that it is truly the geekest e-mail service there is and to archive that it does things the other services don´t but it also refuses to do things that even Aol mail can do.

One of those things is graphic signatures and animated signatures.

So, you can´t have your Feedbuner headlines Signature or place your own custom made Signature.

And the final truth is that you can´t have it directly.

But Amit Garwal had the Eureka idea of triying something so that you can have it indirectly, and it´s so easy to do, you will not belive you didn´t thought of it.

The basic concept is that if you compose something and have it online, then you only need to drag it to your compose window in gmail and it will show up fine.

But it is better to read it from the method maker:

How to Add HTML Signatures with Images to GMail Email Messages

There you go, now you can Pimp your blog in Gmail as it should be.

*Update: To make better use of this old trick you should be able to easily compose a html page in geocites or googlepages and then bookmark it directly in your browser for when you are using your gmail.

Aug 30, 2006

The Html Editor is finally usable as Graham Waldon from Blogger Buzz is just letting everyone know.

That means is now safe for you to hump with the code like a bunny until you.....get satisfied with it.

Not without making the very sound warning/recomendation/note that you should look at the Starter Documentation about it, becuase in true Blogger fashion they just reinvented the code, so everything you think you knew is now not enough or useless.

So, as he says it, you better hump that code on a test blog becuase it´s back to Blogger Code Skoolie to everyone.

So, we better get to it....right?

After yutter crashed and burned becuase of the incompentence of it´s host, besides having lost a momentum and almost 50 readers in just a blink of an eye,i was in a positon where i needed to choose some other service against my will, becuase yutter was the best there it was.

I Re-Reviewed the options and i was underwhelmed that i didn´t found anything close to yutter, until today that Feedburner posted that they had upgraded the Feedburner Email Service.

I guess this means that Feedburner is going all the way on the Feed To Mail Race too, and here is what they added to it:


1.-Custom E-mail Branding.

Now you can add your logo and customize how you want your e-mails look all the way to the color and style of the text.

2.-Custom Confirmation Message

Feedburner always sent a confirmation message as all of the other services does, but now that confirmation message will be able to double funtions and serve as a introduction message you can customize to your linking.

3.-Custom Schedule Syndication

This is a huge feature, now feedburner will post under a timeframe every day that you can select, so if you use to post under certains hrs, then you would want to move the clock to when your are sleeping, Why?, very simple, as i said this will allow you a time window to be able to edit your post if needed so that the edit can catch your e-mail readers too.


1.-A new name, one word name

I mean i prefer Burnvelopes or Feedelopes to having to say that long boring name.

2.-it´s own chiclet

Now they started competing in the Feed To Mail niche, the service needs it´s own count and to make sure that the count from it is not taken in consideration to the regular feed count.

3.-Service Stats

Feedburner is all about stats, and it´s what pays the bills to them, why not to add stats to this service?

4.-Service control

The ability to download the subscriber list, and been able to add user or confirm them if needed.

The New Stuff seems Familiar

Yeah, yutter had it all of that and better with the only exception i must note and give credit to feedburner:

Custom E-mail Editing.

That is a winner feature and a really cool one.


Feedburner Email Service IS the best there is right now, i will update the Feed To Mail Services post soon and add the services in that niche and the updates to the reviews.

But in the meantime you can start subscribing and Re-subscribing right away with the Feedburner Form in this blog.

100 posts seems like nothing for most, and maybe they are right. But not if they are the first 100 posts in a Blog. Anyone is more than capable of being able to Define a new Blog in just 100 posts.

For the most part, i think i have defined it well; Bloggeratto is all about The Bloggerosphere. the only focus of this blog is content that is either truly useful to the Bloggerosphere or that rely on something about the Blogger platform itself.

I am closing in to reach the first four months of this blog, and even if i have not reached my premarked goals becuase of Falling sick ,Work , the fall of yutter and Sudden Changes of plans i have enjoyed my experience with this blog a lot.

I have made good friends thanks to it, and i have learned new things from it.

And the most important part is knowing there are readers that like the blog they way i like to manage it.


What i am looking forward from this point on?

4.-Upgrade the blog.
5.-Increase Activity.

But most of all just to go on with it.

This is almost a Off Topic Post, but since someone( and given it was someone i am a huge fan of ) told me that he liked the Web 2.0 Explanation that i gave in The New Blogger Reality post:

Web 2.0 is a web fueled by and for the people while using web powered apps and services to interact with each other at the same time they are empowering themselves.

Because in Web 1.0, content was served and the user was powered by web services without the chance of using the service back to conect to other people using it and to improve the actual service or use the service to create other services powered by the user.

The final Philosophy of what Web 2.0 must be is that every web service should let itself evolve into a ecosystem in wich the users interact with each other and let the users interconect that service into another to extend it and to give context to it in the internet.

Aug 28, 2006

You think Widgets are all the rage now?, you have no idea... vista will bring widgets to the masses next year, widget engines in browsers will be the commonplace starting next year and even Blogger is now using it as part of it´s layout engine.

So, as with RSS and Podcasting, Widgets will be the third thing most common next year.

That and more,make the sprout of a widget only directory like something natural and even obvious in a "that didn´t take long" sense.

Widgetbox takes the directory angle and push it into a web 2.0 edge where it has a community drive in the form of rating, classification and tools to makes things almost Foolproof for anyone to add a widget to their blog, or to add a widget to the directory.


The directory is young, the idea is good, the execution is ok, so let´s hope it evolves nicely and everyone can take advantage of it as most as possible.

Aug 26, 2006

You All Know that i love almost anything Feed related, and this new service is something i was waiting for.

LinkRSS is a RSS Creator, and not only that, is a easy as hell Feed Creator.

You only register, and it will let you create Link feeds, this is pretty much like a Link Saver with the straight difference that this will create a feed from that Linklist, it will let you add your description for it,and determine the order of the links in the feed.

The feeds produced by LinkRSS are not only Static feeds, but are Archive Feeds (up to this moment) wich means you can put as many items as you want into your feeds.

At the moment the service don´t has a blog or even about information of the service so lets hope they get into that soon.

If you are still wondering why this is buzzed here, lets start with the most obvious things you can do with LinkRSS that you can use in and for your Blog: LinkRolls and Blogrolls that as you know have their own feed....


Aug 25, 2006

What would be the best way to continue after posting a Method.....With Some MODS of course.

And since Michael from Basang Panaginip had such a great week with Blogger v3.0, he is offering just that.

1.-You Want to Hide Your Blogger v3.0 Navbar? -Check-
2.-You Want to Reposition it? -Check-
3.-You Only Want A Customizable Blogger v3.0 Search Box? -Check-

Do i really really need to say my trademarked Buzz closing lines on something like this?

THAT is what i thought so:

How to hide/remove the navbar and replace it with a Blogger Beta search box

You feel brave today? you got into Blogger v3.0 already but miss your old template?.

Well, Michael From Basang Panaginip can help you out with what is without a doubt the first High Profile to be used with Blogger v3.0.

(am also glad to know that he also calls it that)

This method will allow you to use a Blogger v2.0 Template in Blogger v3.0 without losing the most important feature in it: LABELS.

So, if you have just arrived in beta, and you find yourself in a Minima Template again and your face goes blank just by thinking how much time you invested in your old template, then this is a method you will like.

So, why don´t you head over there and check it out?

How to add Categories to your sidebar using Blogger Beta

*And just as a cautionary note: even if the posibility is remote, this could damage your template once they release the Html editor and Blogger v3.0 is launched, so please Backup your template before atempting this method

Aug 24, 2006

Someone asked me over the Bloggeratto Chat if there was other Blogger JobBoard, and the answer is:

Yes, that would be Performancing Exchange:

Performancing Exchange is a classifieds style marketplace for the professional blogging community. It's free for now, and you can create an exchange post here

This JobBoard got first into the game, but it´s growth has been pretty much slower and even that Performancig is quite a known Firefox Blogging extension, their others services and tools are not that well known.

So, the main differences it has with Problogger JobBoard is that it´s is not as spread, visible and targeted like the one from Darren Rowse but this is compensated at the moment with a free use of it and community voting buttons for the jobs posted.

So, i think is as good as the one in ProBlogger.

So if you wanna check it out, just go here: Performacing Exchange

Aug 23, 2006

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, is following the trend of the promotors like Michael Arrington , so of course he is also doing a JobBoard of his own, and he is just letting you all know that you can score some cash out of it too.

So, if you always wanted to Blog full time for yourself and don´t mind to also do it for others, here is your chance to go for it.

So take a look to it Here and here

Yep, confirmed last week by himself. this was rumored for over a month in some places of the intenet.

Jason Goldman will be leaving at the end of this week, the new Blogger v3.0 is the last thing he will do inside blogger, this confirms my assertion that Blogger v3.0 Final should be released starting september.

He was at the original Pyra Team at the moment of the switch with google and was the man left in charge in full form from the moment Evan Willianm (Blogger Creator) left google in 2004.

Well, it was about time for him to move on to other things, i bet he has a ace under his sleeve already.

But his leaving sure highlights the change Blogger is going right now, Blogger finally integrating to Google until now, when there was no reason not to do it before.

Farewell, Jason, Farewell.

Jason Goldman himself just posted at Blogger Buzz that Blogger is now 7 years old and say a nice words about and also takes the time to clear out a New Blogger v3.0 Feature, Selecting Deleting.

Now every time you erase a post, if you have photos loaded into it, the system will ask you for the photos and will give you a option to preserve them or to erase them along with the post.

This is good, it will save space for the Blogger Photo Database.

Not much more to say than Happy Birthday Blogger, lets see what the future holds for the Platform.

About the Birthday logo: 1 humar year = 7 dog years?,ummmmm.

Oh yeah, one more thing:

This Monday at the Flock Offical Blog Erwan Loisant, let know to all Flockers (like myself), that Blogger had discontinued and deactivated the Atom Api Entirely In Favor of the GData Api Just Announced In Blogger Buzz last week.

The funny note i find in this is that the Flock time must be really busy to not have the Blogger Buzz Feed in the Flock Reader....hehehe

(i am just joking Erwan.. i am a huge Flock fan)

That means that you will not be able to post to Blogger directly from your Flock browser at the moment, so i guess the change to the Gdata Api will be effective on the next Flock version wich would be 0.75 if they don´t decide launch a new fix for 0.74.

Ok, what is this thing that replaces the Blogger "B" and makes us think of a Rorschach Test?.

If anyone has a clue let me know,because the only thing i can see don´t even comes close to what it surely is..

*Update: Ok, i just saw it in small, i opened maxthon and saw it in yeah, read the new birthday related post.

Aug 19, 2006
Lots of people ask why Blogger don´t feels like something from Google, why Blogger is not managed like every other Google adquisition..and questions like that.

Well, it is becuase Blogger is not like the other Google Apps, At first Blogger operated as if it was separated from Google managing itself and with the condition that Google would dictate how Blogger would be operating and that any change on Blogger would have to be obviously approved by Google.

Right now, when google adquires something it takes over from the start.

Wich bring a lot of straight facts in the matter and clears why Blogger reacts so slowly to everything since Google took the reigns, becuase just before V2.0 Blogger launched something (don´t matter how litle it was) new into blogger almost every month.

After Google Buyout the Platform improvement, response and Innovation were much slower than before the buy out when Blogger mantained itself with Advertising banner, Pro accounts, and was entering the blog Domain biz.

The last Features that were done included Audioblogger and Atom Feeds.

And even if the origianl Blogger Deal was under very undisclosed terms, after some years of what i had heard from lots of people is that Blogger way of operating was always independent to Google, but that since they had to run every single change in Blogger to Google the improving of the platform got slower becuase of it.

Now, lets take on Some Blogger History in next post so you can red more into it.

Bloggeratto broke the 100 Feed readers Mark at the start of the week, so what are you waiting to subscribe?.

Because this new start with Blogger is not only not gonna slowdown the blog.. it will thrive even harder.

So, if you are reading this post and you have a Blog in Blogger, then you will like to read this blog.


Aug 17, 2006

Yesterday after Been inside Blogger v3.0 and having talked with a lot of guys in the know all day.

I lost it.

I was upset and i was mad after it when i realized in what situation we are now into.

Blogger Beta, is not a beta per se., the only thing it has of a Beta is the name, i have been confirmed that it indeed was launched before it was ready, not becuase Blogger v3.0 was not finished or much less, but because if this were a piece of software, we had to call this actual blogger a RC (Release Candidate), yep, the only thing being tested its the reception of it, and what they want and are going for is to check their own market studies with the final feedback studies they will have under the spotlight to see in what percentage they get of approval and what are the most requested features from where they will decide what is what they are willing to add from a set of already developed features they have reserved and are going to keep underwraps for future use.

Sounds like weird don´t it?

It´s a regular and almost standard practice now, so i can understand that.

But you see, that is not the part that bothers me,the part that bothers me has to be how they established the "beta" launch set up of this new blogger, and it has a good logic with why they have given priority to new users and relegated the power user in the current userbase.

Because the current set up is completely handicapped to no end. besides a much needed feature upgrades and some new features, the management in the current setup could not be more worthless to a power user or very active blogger.

The Style editor they implemented comes from their layout editor experiment in googlepages, (good to know google likes to recycle) but how can i put it....even if is actually really easy to work with, it could not be more restricted.. why in hell the full canvas is not entirely dragable and adjustable?, why it don´t allow direct inserts in the header and in the Footer that as Taoski made me rememeber, is the #1 edit question on Blogger Forums since the original blogger v1???

And to not have raw code Editon from the start is like holding a race without notice of when it will start having the engines running...Worst Tease Ever.... (yeah, i made a comicbook guy reference)

How come, google is messing with the semantics with their labels?, yes they should act like filters and then let the user have a organized list with them for a true categorized displays, but they should be Broad and not let them run rampant. right now the label do some triple work, they are a category index, archive cues and tags.

The latter should not be unified with the labels, the user should have an actual and proper Tag index, that can work for the intercontextuality of the blog and that serve as sub categories or related themes from the labels and it even could be used to serve later google purposses

But hey, i know am the only one that actually gives a damn about nomenclature and concept usability, so that is just a nitpicking on my part but i think you can cut me some slack on that.

Why they are using or letting use the Google accounts in a limited fashion, because as some users have reported, they don´t actually have synched accounts, meaning they don´t merge and in some cases they don´t even let you use a former account?..

Maybe that is caused by errors in the system, i do hope so, becuase if that is not the case then it means that not all international users are being treated with equality.

And finally i want to highlight some points on all this:

1.-No Blogger Beta

Besides the Buzzword factor behind it, there is no beta, this we are experiencig is a RC, pure and simple, becuase if experiencing some glitches and shortcomigns in Blogger means it´s a beta then we have been living in a beta for 3 years now..

2.-Blogger v3.0?

As i said before in More About Blogger Beta this would not be Blogger 2.0 because this is actually Blogger third version since it started under Pyra Labs.

And because if they are going for the Web 2.0 Angle, they surely have it wrong.
Many people ask what Web 2.0 actually means, i will give you a example of what it actually is:

Web 2.0 is a web fueled by and for the people while using web powered apps and services to interact with each other while empowering themselves.

Because in Web 1.0, content was served and the user was powered by web services without the chance of using the service back to conect to other people using it and to improve the actual service or use the service to create other services powered by the user.

The final Philosophy of what Web 2.0 should be is that every web service should let itself evolve into a ecosystem in wich the users interact with each other and let the users interconect that service into another to extend it and to give context to it in the internet.

So, that is why the new Blogger is not web 2.0 yet, because the new beta is partly frozen in time, awaiting for the final setup in wich we can have acces to code editing and because if there is one thing that is completely broken in blogger that must be the completely obsolete and limited profile system along with the also completely worthless user search and user index.

3.-Why Not A General Upgrade?

Back in to what where the two warning calls of something shaking up in Blogger, i told everyone that the main reason to not upgrade Blogger was that it needed a huge amount of resources in server terms, and that is the truth. something like 4 months ago serious hardware problems began to be more evident that usual until tehy had to change servers, the problem was in a tenth of the blogger network, and interesting enough they are testing the new blogger in that 10% that was upgraded, replaced, adjusted servers..

Wich is the true why of the so called Blogger migration, they are going to let it flow as fast as they can adjust/replace/upgrade servers so the new blogger can finally replace the old one along the old users.

And there is always the common doubt on this: But Google has all the resources in the world, how come they don´t have given Blogger everything they need?.

And to answer that question you better read my next post when i tell a good old story that explains it all(if you like reading between the lines)

Until then we will be living in this Devided Bloggerosphere where there is not much drive left or just the idea that everything we get done in the old Blogger will have to be redone or readjusted once we are in beta is really daunts a heavy shadow on us that will requiere some days to get used to.

Welcome to the new Blogger Reality.

And if you want to check into more useful information go to this posts from that young gun all Bloggeratto readers know:

Relaunch and The Day After Yesterday

Aug 16, 2006
First Shock, then some Thinking and now i am ready to talk about being inside the damn thing itself.

This new Blogger upgrade at first look don´t really look all that amazing, but that is because we are only experiencig like a 75% of what it will be, either in actual stability, reliability and more than anything a final Setup.

Yeah, i have already read and heard all the outcry of Blogger being now barely at the level with wordpress so please don´even mention it.

Aug 15, 2006

After the shock comes some ice cold thinking on this new blogger.

I aproached such thinking on what and why Blogger released the beta Now if i already knew they were going to release it in no less than september?.

The answer is very simple: Live Spaces, Myspace and Yahoo 360 (soon to be upgraded). they were feeling the heat and Google can´t just let Microsoft or Yahoo to surpass it by principles alone.

Now lets recapitulate on some of the things i read in the over 40 E-mails i recived in the last hrs.

(keep them coming!)

What About Wordpress?

Many people wrote to me: They were feeling the heat from Wordpress!, Wordpress is better!

Sorry, but have ANYONE seen wordpress numbers?

They are pathetic.

And just a day after Blogger upgraded i have read more than 100 comments with this lines:

Cool, i was just going to move to wordpress, but now i will not have to move

The only thing i wanted was categories and private settings, i have no reason to leave blogger now

i am new at blogging and i was going to quit because i was not able to edit my blog at all, this new beta is everything i wanted

If this was the overall Blogger commenting in less than 24hrs, now just multiplicate it to 100 to cover all the Bloggerosphere that was just about or thinking in moving to wordpress, and then think of all the press that the new blogger beta recived (1432 posts about it, including forums, newsites,etc,etc of course) reaching millions upon millions of not yet Blogging internet users.

You think they are going to EVEN considerate Wordpress now?

(ok, the 1% will)

Wich is why this upgrade is good to everyone, wordpress will feel very inclined to raise their bar and come up with better things to retain their new users and to continue to atract others.

More now than ever, becaue they were starting to be profitable.

Live Spaces, Myspace and Yahoo360 are not blog platforms!

Ok, of course they are not, they are hublogs Platforms, and any Blogger would know that, but what about the rest of the 90% of the world?

They just don´t give a damn, and the fact that the actual blog section is actually much more improved that some actual Blog platforms don´t helps at all.

So in the end, they are in the game.

Live is right now without a doubt the Biggest Hublog Platform with over 110 millions users, and i can predict that by january or february (based on vista shipping, yeah, yeah i know) they will reach 150 millon users easily. Myspace will be somewhere 120-125 millions, yahoo360 will be somehere in 50-70 millions.

So, you now see why Blogger needed the upgrade and why they released in beta, it is a stunt. a huge Press stunt, a PR genius plot. since they have released it in beta, they have generated gigantic Buzz all over the internet that is not based on hype. because the cat is already out of the hat and since they need to keep the press atention and the general public Mindshare,this serves perfect to the needs for a completely automatic promotion of the platform.

Why Blogger Launched as Beta if this is version 2.0?

Actually, This upgrade would be Blogger v3.0. and is only 2.0 on the Web 2.0 Buzzword factor. wich i think is the why of choosing the word BETA instead of v3.0 beta or Blogger 2.0 beta for the time being.

I can´t switch!, is not fair the new users get the beta and older bloggers don´t, my girlfriend could switch and i am stuck here at the old Blogger!!!

Yeah, tell me about it. they should really could have choosen to do some special invites or something for older Bloggers.. that was a bad step by what could have been a even better PR idea.

However, only the 10% of the actual Blogger userbase are being allowed to switch right now, and as i can guess blogger will be alowing migration 10% a week (minimum) starting september. so that by the numbers the entire userbase can be in the new blogger before the end of the year.

And once again, the reason for that is tha they need to adjust to the demand, they were very clever basing all the conditionals on a tag actual search instead of a just a regular mighty conditional this will be saving resources and offers more function at the same time.

Now. i can also guess that the migration should/could be actually faster because i can easily see that 20% of the entire user base will be making a new blogger account either using a prexisting Google Account or just by opening one now that it is possible?.

It could also be that, it is part of the plan, because of the Numbers, i mean, they can release a press release with:

"10 million new Blogger accounts just in the first month of the new Blogger Beta!"

But this is not really that good besides the PR and promotion angle, becuase now we will be floating in Dead blogs as much as the blogger system floats on splogs that still take bandwith, storage and contaminate the next blog button.

Ok, so Blogger upgraded to what it is the standard and maybe with a improved a edge, what now?

Even with the really really outdated blogger (in wich i am still bloggging this),

the last hacks of what will be know as the Web 1.0 Blogger, were impressive and remarkable. the tag index, and the last categories (two that now probably will never see the light of day, one of mine and one of Aditya) were flawless and even better than actual real services that allowed blogger to even out with wordpress, be it hosted or not. Mo matter what others tell you.

Now, the room of improvement in a platform that even if by a little mark, is a step forward from the others must be what will be keeping Blogger Ahead and at the level of anything.

So, to end this long rant, i must say to all the hackers that read this blog:

Now What?, easy. look into what even in the beta Blogger is still lacking, think outside the blog features. think on the why not even freshblog john is not Blogger Centric (as i am). think of making an actual Better Bloggerosphere, think in the social aspect, and in the exchange of data aspects.

That is what i see as the new ground to play along with the usual Blogger Haciking.

Aug 14, 2006

Blogger Buzz just announced a New version of blogger soon to be realesed slowly Blogger server by Blogger server starting right now.

And here is the huge kicker:

The NEW features!

1.-Automatic Style Editor

No more Complains about Default Blogger Elements editing after choosing a template, now blogger will be introducing a Automatic Style Editor so just by using your mouse you can change and sort the default elements in a template.

Goodbye Long Common Editing Tirades at Blogger Forums.

2.-Custom Access Blogs

Blogger User will be finally able to have their blogs in private be it for themselves or just to be able to be seen by certain people.

So, Goodbye JS and Css Workarounds to that.

3.-Dynamic Member Control

Along with the Custom Access Blogs comes a More Dynamic Blogger Member Controls. that now will not only be easier, but will have more option and adjustments to use.

Decide who can see your blogs, who can post in them and who can edit posts in them.

Goodbye Team-Blog Mayhem

4.-New Template Pool

What would be of A Bloggr Upgrade without new Official Blogger Templates?

Underwhelming that is..

So Blogger has a new template pool for the New Blogger Version Designed by Blogger Design heroes you know and love, i just hope to see THE DAVE (Minima) with some New Blogger Templates.

Goodbye to several worthless Blogger Templates Sites

4.-New Feed Control

Ok, this is one of the 3 BIG UPGRADES in this new Blogger Upgrade.

A)NEW and now out of Beta Blogger RSS Feed!
B)NEW Comment Feeds!
C)Dynamic Comment Feeds!

(This means you can set up a feeds for individual posts)

Goodbye to several Hacks, Mods, and Methods.

5.-Upgraded Dashboard

Ok, they don´t changed the style.. just the code as i had previously noted a month back, and now the dashboard controls are better and it works better too

And about more features to it, it has better controls and navigation so no one gets confused with it.

Goodbye to those Dashboard mistakes

6.-Relay Cached Publishing

That means that you will not have publishing errors no more, since the blogger system will have new protections against that and will be much faster.

Goodbye To that Damn Publishing Spinner we all learned to hate.


The best for the last.

Now you can categorize your blog posts and have filter Labels in it that will act as both Tags in your post Footer and will have a Labels Sidebar offering you that powerful Conditional Blogger Power You were wishing for soooooo soooooo long

Categorize your posts

Tags in your post footer

Labels Sidebar

Goodbye to lots and lots of Hacks, Mods, Methods, Tips, Tricks and Tirades

And that is it for now, i am more than sure will continue more post on this new Blogger Upgrade.


-More photos
-I meant RELAY not delay.
-Also no more Blogger Bee´s, they freak out Phydeaux3...

Aug 13, 2006
Ramani just let me know that he took into the task of making a tweak of his Related Posts For Your Blog And Browser hack to make a Internal version of it as i and it seems others suggested him.

So, this version will look related posts from your blog and will place them in your Post item page if it finds something related to that post.

That is nice don´t it?

Well, why you don´t go and have a look to it?

Related From Your Blog

And in the meantime i will wait for the original version from Gaby De Wilde to get it´s own post. (yeah, i knew all about them, guilty as charge)

Until this past friday i was not only happy that i never got one of those nasty Blogger Downtime troubles but even cocky for been without a scratch for so many years.

Oh boy, i guess this is like practicing medicine, you are not a real doctor unless you have the burden of having lost a battle.

And in this case, you are not a Blogger-Blogger unless you have experienced some nasty Downtime that affected your blog.

How it happened?, well i was publisihng this friday post (cosmobox) and as i always do, i republished my blog completely two times in a row.

(that is actually a good practice and i recommend it)

And Bam, my blog appeared...GONE?

That means that the blog was there only showing the blogger navbar and a white space, i would have taken a photo but i really don´t want to remember it that well, so i didn´t

I didn´t knew what it was, i thought that maybe it was a database thing like when you publish a post and the post appear a time later into the blog. so given that it was really late i paid no mind to it and waited until next day.

I came back and the blog was not up, i looked into the template and it seemed fine, until i scrolled down and half the template was nowhere to be seen, cut in half in the middle of a script.

And this is when i really must recommend you all to back up your blog template every week if you do changes to it often and once a month if you dont change it too often.

If you have writely, use writely, if you have a geocities/googlepages account, have it there so you can edit it often, and if you dont have any of that, use your yahoo/live/gmail e-mail account to store a copy of it in a .txt file.

I was not really that worried because i knew i had a back up from a month before, until i realized it was on the laptop i literally used to death recently.

So my only back up was from two months ago, and given i am into the game of Blogger Hacking , the changes in it are huge just from a month to another.

So, there you go, it happens to the best of us, and i dont mean just me, i also say it because of those other Hackers of the Bleet that i know have been on that road.

I will not name them, but they will know am refering to them when they read this.

Ah i guess the honeymoon is finally over...

Aug 11, 2006
Chubbs From Bumpbox just released Cosmobox today wich idea relay in letting anyone have their metacosmos as a sidebar widget.
The release is still not stable but it shows promise, however i would like it even more if the Widget would be more dynamic and if it had more funtions besides being a sort of digest of a blog metacosmos that right now is being powered by Technorati.

you can check it right here: Cosmobox

Aug 9, 2006
Ramani let me know about his new hack two days ago, so yes i am late on this but on the good side of things i got into a talk with him about and he added even more to the post, so is good to be able to Buzz it now that it is more complete.

Well, as the title of this post says this hacks puts related (from mid to very related) posts into your blog, so if you are writing about something you can have other interesting buzz from beyond the Bloggerosphere.

In any way this hack may be in some more progress from ramani that always likes to have fun like this.

So, if you want to have something to get a little more "push" that what you have now to put relevant information, this is the hack for you.

And the output of those relevant post will look somewhat like this:

And now after a quick update from ramani there is also a bookmarklet that will work for any blog even if it don´t has this hack, so you can now get relevant posts at any time you want from your browser.

You just need to click it and will direct you to some relevant posts with a window like this:

One very important note is that this will only work on the item page, wich means the actual article post page.

And you can find all the details about in this Post

This is a direct Mod from this Mod that was done by Chorusline

And is so simple and quick that you can install it in one minute.

Just go to your Blogger template and locate your previous post list code and then change it so it can look like this:

So, the only thing that we are adding here is the Title atribute like this:

title=" This Post Has <$BlogItemCommentCount$> Comments"

And now, you only have to republish your blog and that´s it. you have a comment count in your previous post list without having the number in the list or having to style your list.

The only thing needed is to hover it and the comment count will appear.

Just check it out in here.

Aug 8, 2006

This is a very quick and easy method so anyone can enjoy even more using Bumpbox.

As you know i have talked about it two times before and i have made two Demos in blogger besides adding it myself.

I am still going to play with the css of the thing, so this is not the final look for it, but in the meantime i decided i wanted to have a Digest with the most Bumped Bloggeratto posts.

So, to start with it go to your Bumpbox page wich you can acces from your view popular link in your own Bumpbox button and grab your feed link, open a new tab and go to Feedigest

where if you have a account already first sign in, and if you don´t have it, just add the feed in the front page as is told and then follow the page instructions.

You will get the Digest options for it and in it you only need to make sure you put the order of the feed option like this:

Choose it that way so you don´t alter or screw the order from the bumpbox feed that mantains the most bumped item at the top of the feed at all times.

After that you choose how many items you want displayed from 1 to 10 and everything else you need, that dont matter.

Then when you get to the Digest layout/Template section click on the manual edit and fill it like this:

End your Feedigest account Registration and then just go to your Blogger template and add that code whenever you want it in your sidebar making sure you have it styled as your other sidebar strips.

Republish and you are done.

You have a Bumpbox Digest for your sidebar that will show the bumpbox extra information when someone hovers the link.

The extra information will show how many times it has been bumped every item

Try it right here in this blog to check it out.


Aug 7, 2006
Some of the problems of actually setting a Comments Feed in blogger are not actually doing it, there has been some clever workrounds like using a separate blog to send the comments from a gmail account, other was actually using a gmail account and some Blogger $Tags$ to make it appears as wanted, using a mail to feed service, using a google group and a solution i came up with that was using a Mail-Im-Feed solution that worked quite well, but the services are not really that dependable.

And then we had Singpolyma Ning App Called Blogger Recent Comments that when it launched seemed like we have been looking for, but even if it did it very well, there still was the problem that i had to solve.
That the comments were still correctly displayed, becuase most of the others solutions the feed looks off.

That was not a problem of stephen app,problem was that the comments must be lifted from the blog, so that means that if there are a lot of action in your template or it has a strange configuration it was most likely that your comment feed still looked wrong.

Stephen has upgraded his service and i am going to go testing it tomorrow to see how it comes off.

So, if you want to give it a go visit the Ning app here

Blogger Recent Comments

And to get the details of the upgrade just go to stephen Blog

Since i re-entered the Blogger scene for the third time, i was always amazed by Singpolyma Blogger hacking and web dev skils

Then, after awhile he gave a turn and i noticed some of his web apps and hacks were now hosted at Ning.

I remember when Ning launched,. it didn´t caught much of me at the time but i knew what it was all about.

Much because i didn´t have the time to get into it.

Now after the first general upgrade of Ning something like a month ago, Ning seems better and more into what it should do and doing biz with a paid options to get profitable.

But if something captures the spirit of what Ning is and should be, that would be Stephen app development. and since Stephen started using Ning he has done some groundbreaking work, he actually created the Commentosphere with an app that did what Cocomment does now, where Stephen is also one of the main commenters using the service.

And that was just his first Ning App.

So, if you want to check what else has stephen has done with Ning and to know more about him, then you only need to go here:

A Chat with Stephen Paul Weber

And while you are at it, visit that other young gun in this Post where he goes more into web developing and Ning.

I consider Phydeaux3 not only one of the Bleet, i also have a high regard of how he manages himself online. I have never meet him, we actually have never talked live, but he sure has helped even me, and in some things we are quite alike but i will not reveal much of him because he would not like it that way, so i only have to say it is strange for him to actually do a hiatus post, so i was shocked when i saw it and more shocked to see that he likes Tool.

So, farewell for the moment and comeback soon pal.

Learn To Swim

Aug 5, 2006
Eslam has come up with a categorized sidebar index for you to use at your blog, the hack relies on the Blogger Atom Feed to categorize the post into a index.

The results are pleasing since it is asynchonic and quick to use.

The hack is still in developement but is completely usable so if you want to give it a try go to this Post

And if you fist want to check a more full blog with it, Eslam has done a demo blog for it:

Blog Demo

Aug 4, 2006
Today at Blogger Buzz Finally broke the news about the long ago talked about Blogger/SonyEricsson deal so that one of the new line of the Cybershot Phone in the K series could use Blogger directly from the phone to do some picture based moblogging as an angle to promote the Cybershot phone line.

The k800 has the option to either blog on the go as you just have taken the picture or to import photos from your album and then blog them with the phonewhenever you want.

Having my last phone stolen, i was thinking of going with the k750i wich is on what both the W and the cybershot line are based from as all actual modern lines come from the t610... so if i get to play with this, i will let you all know.

The site of the phone is here:

K800 Product Site

And a Blogspot Demo is here, to wich i wonder why they didn´t used a minima template like in the actual ads.. but whatever.

Blogger Blog K800 Demo

Given that the Phone Deal is out, i guess they could add the SEND Button to the blogger navbar at any time.

Aug 3, 2006
This morning as always i checked the yutter chiclet and it was down. i tried to go to Yutter and i saw

We are currently experiencing some severe downtime.. read the details on the article at Be sure to DIGG the article!.

The story is that Steadfast that is yutter host screw up or decided to erase some root folders, and they erased Yutter.

And they dare to have the slogan "Steadfast, Keeping You Connected" , to wich should be added "---Until We Decide To Take You Down"

This means that yutter is gone for the moment, i at this moment have not talked to David B. about it, but let´s hope this can be reversed as soon as posible.

I apologize to everyone of my E-mail readers, and i please ask, that if you were one of them, e-mail me so i can re-add you if needed.

This really,really sucks.

In the meantime there nothing to do but wait for David to be able to resurrect Yutter.

I will keep you pòsted.

Aug 2, 2006

I Remember when Meebo was launched, it really shocked me to see how good it was compared to what was before it. and what was before it?

A very unaltered web 1.0 e-messenger that just rested on it´s userbase without thinking on the future.

Entered Meebo, and the everything changed, an i mean everything in the Web Multi IM messaging changed, i mean E-messenger then rushed and turned into E-buddy, ImHAHA launched triying to step into Meebo footsteps and Google launching Gmail-Chat are proof that it was not only a relevant Tech, but also a excellent executed old concept.

Well, now Meebo is turning into another field to rock on, and that is the Embeded Chat Niche wich is a almost new field anyway, where they are only competing against Chatango ( ireally recommend you reading that entry too) and a just not yet released 3Bubbles.

And they have released Meebome! wich is a Embeded Flash Chat Client that you can put into your blog and that is offering you a very stable and already known powerful system. and the kicker is that not long ago Meebo started to accept Account registration offering not only chat logs,automatic login and a Meebo profile.

Well, that is also into this Flash client, you will be chatting with your Meebo id and i can already guess that they will launch a social system for it in the same vein that chatango has done it.

Meebome, lets you have an account and your chat window in less than 5 minutes, and also has a very open exchange of what they want with the system on the Meebo blog, and the fisrt big promise is in:

Meebome! is going to evolve fast and will allow not only offline messaging and one on one chats, they weill unveil group chat and several other upgrades.

Just that anouncement from a app with a day from being released is what sold me on it.

The client has size options and there are buttons to promote it.

Right now, i will be sincere, Chatango is a superior service to Meebome, becuase the status button, the userpage and the desktop client.

But if Meebome! delivers group chat before they do and release their own versions of Chatango features. they are doomed.

And that is just what i think it will happen, because even if the app chatango offer is superior they are terrible at PR and support, and they really can´t say that their service is stable or that they have the leverage that Meebo has with their big userbase, great design an brand Mindshare.

So i will add it to Bloggeratto next week.

In the meantime you can check the MeeboMe Chat below:


Just before Web 2.0 Kicked off , the closer you could get to have a chat in your blog was a messaging system, and they were a lot of them. completely useless most of the times, since the so called "almost live" messages really could get clogged or take from 1 minute if it was fast to 10 minutes, so for me that kind of add on is as good as death since services offering Embed Flash Chat are starting to pop up.

Chatango is one of those services are making in roads to this new niche of addons.

The name being a clever slang of spanglish would translate as a "Intimate Dance of Words". well, i guess that names that actually have a meaning can also enter the Web 2.0 right?.

Anyway, i just tried Chatango and i must say i am both pleased and mad with it.

The Good:

Good idea, good features, good tools.

The idea behind Chatango is the very same idea that shoutbox was going for some years ago, but chatango added something that give it actual value into it a network of users who you can communicate besides the option of having a one on one chat with your visitors.

The window for the flash chat is completely customizable and sizable so you can have it in whatever webpage you have. the load of the app is fast and it deliver what it promises.

One of the features behind it after doing a account is to have a good profile so you can get into the one on one chats with other chatango users and to prmote yourself that way.

The main tools behind it is a status button and a desktop app that will mantain you not only being able to use the service but actually take advantage of it without having your browser open on their site or even your blog to follow your chats

Status Button

Desktop App

The Bad:

It really shows that the don´t really know how to promote their service at all and don´t have any good Pr ideas behind. i mean c´mon, the service don´t have a company blog, and that is a huge mistake because in what other way we are supposed to know about the services updates, issues and thinking behind the service?

And the navigation in the site is just not straight forward or very integrated to say the least. it has some very obvious flaws.

I really would not know about this service if not someone told me about, it is not even pushed by the usual suspects.

And that the service still have some glitches, slowdowns but i guess that for something as new as this is more than understandable.

Here i have a test chat so you can see how it is:

*Update:in order for it to work correctly in Blogger, just add a closing /embed code tag before the closing div in the code they give you.

Well, as you may recall, i recently buzzed Phydeaux3 Time Warp Oddscript so you can break free from Blogger Date Input limitations.

Since that happened, Certain man from Sweden that goes by the name of Ecmanaut and also part from The Bleet felt some steps in the ceiling and released a update to his own userscript released before Phydeaux3 Userscript that did that and more

(i am not completely sure what the more is, but lets´hope Johan stops by here)

So, if you are into time warping your posts or you use any of my methods that require it (and i will release two other like that) you now can have choices to do so.

So here it is the direct link to install it:

Blogger free-form date field

And to know the full details about this Userscript just go to this Post

Date/time input usability

I want to apologize to Both my Feedreaders and Email Readers, i just noted that becuase some reason i just don´t know Feedburner signal is serving summaries and not the complete posts.. that was not my doing, never will.

I am looking into it.

Update: solved, it seems that Feedburner is lowering the feed weight limit or there is a glitch somewhere into it...because i don´t really think that the 15 posts i had were over the 275k limit...when i had the GDW v1 i took upto almost 30 post to get to anyway, sorry for the inconveniences.

And i hope it is something Great.

Blogger Status just had a update, nothing really new about that it happens all the time.

But Phydeaux3Noted that in one of those always beloved error messages Blogger Gives from time to time (ok, beloved only by the Bleet, since they always reveal something) there was a ip change that now pointed to a google branded server.

Why would that be interesting if Blogger is part of google?, no, it was not, they bought it but google practices differ strongly from say yahoo, that always redirects their buyouts to their Yahoo branded servers, Google don´t does that right away. and that was always my complain since they bought Blogger, becuase they treated it like if it were a stepchild or something.

But something is changing and now the ip change for the moment also allows China to connect to blogspot once again. not that it will last more than a month at most for them but that is also interesting. and they have not only changed the ip for the platform, they changed it even for Blogger Photos. wich i can see as a oportunity to integrate it to a not really that secret full revamp of picasa that is in place from some months now.

But why would Google feels inclined to change just now?, maybe because MS is now Awake and the initiatives are at full steam. just today Live Spaces was launched and let me tell you, it can kick Myspace from surpassing them if they play their cards right.

Mostly becuase has one clear advantage to MySpace and Blogger, it is truly GLOBAL with all the letters. just in Asia they are eagerly awaiting their turn that should come at any minute now from MSN Spaces To Live Spaces, so if Spaces had 100 million accounts from the last report from january, i can easily expect it to go to 150 million in the next Report in January of 2007.

And belive me, Live Spaces will never be blocked in china, since China representatives actually do quite a lot of biz with MS.

So, is now in 2006 or never for Blogger to upgrade and retain their Blog leadership.

Since Spaces is not a Blog platform, it is a Hublog platform like Myspace and Tagland.

And then we have the wordpress warning, Wordpress growth have been booming since other huge lot of small blogging Platform are diying everyday, and since they tried something away from the common choices, those millions of user are not coming to Blogger because they can see that there has not been any major upgrade that call them to do so, instead they are seeing and their hosted version as a choice.

More now than ever since Yahoo is offering Hosted Wordpress soulution integrations into their packages.

So, as Aditya is also pointing out, something must happen as soon as possible.

Aug 1, 2006
As Reported on Freshblog By John (or Fresh John?) there yet another Categories Hack option for the Bloggerosphere to consider.

Done by Caramuel From Biominds, who took inspiration by the Blogger Toggle System, mostly now and a Blogger Show/hide that is at Blogger Help and from there he just pushed it with some Javascript to do his bidding.

Well, the results are quite good and can be seen at:

Categorize where he not only posts the tutorial so you can have them but also serves as demo, even if his actual Blog has them too of course.

Creating Dynamic Categories In Blogger

And if you suddenly feel you have seen something sort of like it, i will explain hopefully tomorrow why you are having that feeling.

(And, no i am not implicating nothing related to this actual hack at all, just to have this clear)

Ok, this is a cool service all the way, and not only that, because everyone knows that in this age of wow factor web 2.0 start ups. A lot of them are really just filler either becuase it is not really useful besides being a novelty or because they are entering a already crowded niche without anything really relevant for them to be set apart from the other services and to climp up from there.

Autopinger is not such thing, It is a VERY needed start up that entered a really crowded niche and really stood up as something relevant.

There are right now 31 Pinging services out there. yes 31 services to ping your blog to several resources, directories and search engines. how many of them are actually not only good but great?

Only 5 of them. how many of them are better than Autopinger?.

NONE of them

I mean, those 5 pinging services i mention are good, and have good tools, but they really will have to play catch up now with this new service out of the gate, and that is a good thing.

Ok,ok, what is so great about this and why anyone with a Blogger powered blog must care?, simple:

Autopinger does the very same thing you have been doing on sites like Ipings, kingping and the like, with the difference that it will allow you to open a account and add your blog(s) into it, and just after you have done just that, you are already done, Autopinger will ping all the sites you tell them to and will later check your blog for you and will ping it when you have updated it. since it will be alerted by your Rss Feed.

At the moment of writing this, i already have set up Bloggeratto into it, Many can argue that pinging is just not really that important but i consider important enough to thank for a service smart enough to save time doing so, and giving me the option to do it so.

Now, let´s see how quick this niche Evolves.

So, if you have a Blogger Blog, go an check it out.


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