Aug 23, 2006
Yep, confirmed last week by himself. this was rumored for over a month in some places of the intenet.

Jason Goldman will be leaving at the end of this week, the new Blogger v3.0 is the last thing he will do inside blogger, this confirms my assertion that Blogger v3.0 Final should be released starting september.

He was at the original Pyra Team at the moment of the switch with google and was the man left in charge in full form from the moment Evan Willianm (Blogger Creator) left google in 2004.

Well, it was about time for him to move on to other things, i bet he has a ace under his sleeve already.

But his leaving sure highlights the change Blogger is going right now, Blogger finally integrating to Google until now, when there was no reason not to do it before.

Farewell, Jason, Farewell.


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