Aug 23, 2006

Jason Goldman himself just posted at Blogger Buzz that Blogger is now 7 years old and say a nice words about and also takes the time to clear out a New Blogger v3.0 Feature, Selecting Deleting.

Now every time you erase a post, if you have photos loaded into it, the system will ask you for the photos and will give you a option to preserve them or to erase them along with the post.

This is good, it will save space for the Blogger Photo Database.

Not much more to say than Happy Birthday Blogger, lets see what the future holds for the Platform.

About the Birthday logo: 1 humar year = 7 dog years?,ummmmm.

Oh yeah, one more thing:


Gaby de Wilde said...

here's to 7 years of nothing......



Avatar said...

Hahaha..., you just have to be harsh even on birthday parties????

you are out of control... ;)


Have some cake.

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