Aug 5, 2006
Eslam has come up with a categorized sidebar index for you to use at your blog, the hack relies on the Blogger Atom Feed to categorize the post into a index.

The results are pleasing since it is asynchonic and quick to use.

The hack is still in developement but is completely usable so if you want to give it a try go to this Post

And if you fist want to check a more full blog with it, Eslam has done a demo blog for it:

Blog Demo


Dirty Butter said...

I've been looking for an easy way to make categories with blogger. Thanks!

Don't forget to add the BLOG VILLAGE voting link, so we can vote for you.

Chubbs said...

Wow, that's pretty nice. I like how it even has a little loader graphic to let people know what's going on. Good find.

Avatar said...

Well DB, it is a categorized index....i know i am always the mr right on terms but i just can{t help it!

but yeah, i will add the link later.

Avatar said...

hey chubbs, as you can see i am playing with the bumpbox thing. so if you have any press releases you can always let me know, i would be delighted to buzz it..

and i have idea for later that maybe you could get interested in.

khong co ai said...

Ok Avatar, you put the bump box, in each of your post, but how do we know which post is the most bumped!?

Avatar said...

well, i put it before going offline for the sunday, so i do plan to do that today Khong.

but i like feedback so thanks for making me look into it.

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