Aug 13, 2006
Ramani just let me know that he took into the task of making a tweak of his Related Posts For Your Blog And Browser hack to make a Internal version of it as i and it seems others suggested him.

So, this version will look related posts from your blog and will place them in your Post item page if it finds something related to that post.

That is nice don´t it?

Well, why you don´t go and have a look to it?

Related From Your Blog

And in the meantime i will wait for the original version from Gaby De Wilde to get it´s own post. (yeah, i knew all about them, guilty as charge)


Anonymous said...


This hack is The hack to have if you got more than 100 posts, and it increase the page view of your blog.
I just asked to Ramani to do a similar one for the "related video", I hope he will.

Avatar said...

Indeed K, indeed.

and yeah i saw your comment over there. i see everything.... ;)

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