Aug 30, 2006

The Html Editor is finally usable as Graham Waldon from Blogger Buzz is just letting everyone know.

That means is now safe for you to hump with the code like a bunny until you.....get satisfied with it.

Not without making the very sound warning/recomendation/note that you should look at the Starter Documentation about it, becuase in true Blogger fashion they just reinvented the code, so everything you think you knew is now not enough or useless.

So, as he says it, you better hump that code on a test blog becuase it´s back to Blogger Code Skoolie to everyone.

So, we better get to it....right?


Taoski said...

I had a quick look at this earlier this morning.

The code seems very simplified to allow for all the "widgets" does'nt it!

Anonymous said...


Thanks Avatar for the news, we got lot works to do now!

FYI: I still do not receive any feed from you!

Avatar said...


Simplified yes, i guess it will be easier to edit look related stuff. but the configurations and the rest of the hacks seems only a matter of getting used to it.

@Khong Co Ai:

Yeah, please be so kind to re-subscribe with the Feedburner Formand you will be reciving it right away.

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