Aug 19, 2006
Lots of people ask why Blogger don´t feels like something from Google, why Blogger is not managed like every other Google adquisition..and questions like that.

Well, it is becuase Blogger is not like the other Google Apps, At first Blogger operated as if it was separated from Google managing itself and with the condition that Google would dictate how Blogger would be operating and that any change on Blogger would have to be obviously approved by Google.

Right now, when google adquires something it takes over from the start.

Wich bring a lot of straight facts in the matter and clears why Blogger reacts so slowly to everything since Google took the reigns, becuase just before V2.0 Blogger launched something (don´t matter how litle it was) new into blogger almost every month.

After Google Buyout the Platform improvement, response and Innovation were much slower than before the buy out when Blogger mantained itself with Advertising banner, Pro accounts, and was entering the blog Domain biz.

The last Features that were done included Audioblogger and Atom Feeds.

And even if the origianl Blogger Deal was under very undisclosed terms, after some years of what i had heard from lots of people is that Blogger way of operating was always independent to Google, but that since they had to run every single change in Blogger to Google the improving of the platform got slower becuase of it.

Now, lets take on Some Blogger History in next post so you can red more into it.


Gaby de Wilde said...

yeah you are so right again (as always)

I've chatted with some blogger who dont do html/javascript and they like it a lot. Untill I explained about all the template hackers. lol I guess it's for the better, most of the things I wanted to make are already in there now. Small blogs like ours (less then 500 posts) are easy to hack some style and extra features into. But it's the blogs with more as 1000 posts that really have a lot of benefit from the new system. I'm not sure if any of those where able to transfer their posts. Wich defeats it's perpose a bit?

Being part of the Google park does promise a lot of good publishing tools. my bet is that they will allow template hacking as soon as we start using the publishing api's.

to be honnest I was kind of puzzled by them. They seem to think it's easy?

Avatar said...

this obvously will change with this version of blogger. the ggogle account integration is the most clear signal there is for that statement.

One has to wonder how exactly the terms of the original contract were, and how they would follow after Evan williams left google..

gaby the wilde :) said...

I see myselve more logged out of google as I've ever been. LOL

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