Aug 2, 2006
Well, as you may recall, i recently buzzed Phydeaux3 Time Warp Oddscript so you can break free from Blogger Date Input limitations.

Since that happened, Certain man from Sweden that goes by the name of Ecmanaut and also part from The Bleet felt some steps in the ceiling and released a update to his own userscript released before Phydeaux3 Userscript that did that and more

(i am not completely sure what the more is, but lets´hope Johan stops by here)

So, if you are into time warping your posts or you use any of my methods that require it (and i will release two other like that) you now can have choices to do so.

So here it is the direct link to install it:

Blogger free-form date field

And to know the full details about this Userscript just go to this Post

Date/time input usability


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