Aug 14, 2006

Blogger Buzz just announced a New version of blogger soon to be realesed slowly Blogger server by Blogger server starting right now.

And here is the huge kicker:

The NEW features!

1.-Automatic Style Editor

No more Complains about Default Blogger Elements editing after choosing a template, now blogger will be introducing a Automatic Style Editor so just by using your mouse you can change and sort the default elements in a template.

Goodbye Long Common Editing Tirades at Blogger Forums.

2.-Custom Access Blogs

Blogger User will be finally able to have their blogs in private be it for themselves or just to be able to be seen by certain people.

So, Goodbye JS and Css Workarounds to that.

3.-Dynamic Member Control

Along with the Custom Access Blogs comes a More Dynamic Blogger Member Controls. that now will not only be easier, but will have more option and adjustments to use.

Decide who can see your blogs, who can post in them and who can edit posts in them.

Goodbye Team-Blog Mayhem

4.-New Template Pool

What would be of A Bloggr Upgrade without new Official Blogger Templates?

Underwhelming that is..

So Blogger has a new template pool for the New Blogger Version Designed by Blogger Design heroes you know and love, i just hope to see THE DAVE (Minima) with some New Blogger Templates.

Goodbye to several worthless Blogger Templates Sites

4.-New Feed Control

Ok, this is one of the 3 BIG UPGRADES in this new Blogger Upgrade.

A)NEW and now out of Beta Blogger RSS Feed!
B)NEW Comment Feeds!
C)Dynamic Comment Feeds!

(This means you can set up a feeds for individual posts)

Goodbye to several Hacks, Mods, and Methods.

5.-Upgraded Dashboard

Ok, they don´t changed the style.. just the code as i had previously noted a month back, and now the dashboard controls are better and it works better too

And about more features to it, it has better controls and navigation so no one gets confused with it.

Goodbye to those Dashboard mistakes

6.-Relay Cached Publishing

That means that you will not have publishing errors no more, since the blogger system will have new protections against that and will be much faster.

Goodbye To that Damn Publishing Spinner we all learned to hate.


The best for the last.

Now you can categorize your blog posts and have filter Labels in it that will act as both Tags in your post Footer and will have a Labels Sidebar offering you that powerful Conditional Blogger Power You were wishing for soooooo soooooo long

Categorize your posts

Tags in your post footer

Labels Sidebar

Goodbye to lots and lots of Hacks, Mods, Methods, Tips, Tricks and Tirades

And that is it for now, i am more than sure will continue more post on this new Blogger Upgrade.


-More photos
-I meant RELAY not delay.
-Also no more Blogger Bee´s, they freak out Phydeaux3...


John said...

Quite something to reveal all at once, isn't it, & a bunch of new toys for us to play with?

Efendi said...

FINALLY !!! hehe.. and labels ^^ yay, i don't hafta hack anything then :P

hm.. dunno if it is a good news, or bad news for all of you hackers out there :P

anyway, hope i can switch soon, coz now i can't swith to this beta thing :P

phydeaux3 said...

I wonder where those Beta Blogger Bee's came from? They are kinda disturbing. :-)

Gaby de Wilde said...

Efendi said...

@phydeaux3: hehehe... it's from the Blogger Buzz himself :P i think it's from the Buzz word :P buzz buzz ... bee sound :P

Avatar said...

given this special ocasion i will even do a comment per comment.

Taoski said...

Its about time these thing were implemented.

Shame they did'nt make things like adding a header image easier though...

A step in the right direction, but still lagging way behind Wordpress though!

Avatar said...


As i said over your post, this is it.

You and i know how this changes the game mostly as we reconfigurate everything to a new way of thinking,

(at least on the ground of new innovation)

I have developed 17 ideas in wich i will base my new path, something i planned a month ago when i was already 100% sure the change was going to be at september

(and it actually is, pete said comming weeks and we are at 15?, so i guess it is pretty obvious confirmation)

I have found a actual way to do a my switch over the beta right away with all my blog, i will try it.. i feel like fearless now.

They said they are going to add more features, and my guess they will be all in system new features and maybe a new line of Blogger widgets.

Why the reason to ask for google account´s?


the new upgrade of picasa is coming the new upgrade of google itself is giving in just about now, and they have been testing all kind of things recently over google labs.

I have run my usuals pick around inside blogger, they are still moving code A LOT.

I feel more comfortable now, and with a edge since i was overprepared for this damn moment since i started the blog.

This is going to be such a interesting week......

Avatar said...

@Efendi: This are great news efendi, this will be the wake up call for john, not to me mind you, you already knew more of what i had been told in public about this.

About Bloggeratto,it don´t changes the plan at all, it empowers my plan.

Avatar said...

@Phydeaux3: well, well kirk i guess this can do something to cheer you up from retirement...

and what is disturbing about a Blogger Bee?

It buzz and goes arounds. what is nto to understand?... ;)

Avatar said...

yes Gabs, this will be such a new fun ride. i already tested my way fo switching over right now...IT WORKS.

Heh... i will be in the new blogger this damn week.

Avatar said...


You must be kidding me right?

And i can say it even louder now:

Who cares about wordpress now???


I mean STAY with program damnit.

Anonymous said...

;0 O) ^^

Muhahahah!!!! Muhahahah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on Avatar, don t be rude: How you switch it?

Avatar said...

@KCA: it worked with a new test template in beta and a old test template in the current blogger.. the secret is to ven out and then do a death switch.. so is hard work and very risky, it worked with those blogs, but i don´t know if it will work with a older blog, i willl try it first with my bloggeratto spanish version..just in case. then i will let you know if it is secure.

Anonymous said...

Ok i just played with this beta, it s great, really great... but only for people with basic layout, not for men like me who like complex stuffs.

Other point: the html manager is not yet available. I think that i will not hurry for the switch, i will proceed step by step, and keep the Phydeaux for the categories for fews more weeks.

But for sure guys like you got so much job to do from now. Enjoy!

Dirty Butter said...

My blogger template has been fiddled with so much with all kinds of hacks and tweeks that I don't even know what all I've done to it. No telling what I'll have to do to move over to the beta. I'll sure be glad to get the chance, though. Backup, Backup, Backup, and then Backup again!!



PS PLEASE get the BLOG VILLAGE voting link on your site, so all our Villagers will get to see this kind of news each day, pretty please with sugar on top???

Avatar said...

@KCA: you are dead wrong...HAHAHAHAHA

@Rosemary: Ok,ok,ok. just to know i made a woman have a smile.

Anonymous said...

All that i can say is: Congratulations Blogger!!! I´m a brazilian girl, and i was hope these tools were be unabled in Blogger someday. Now is the day... And now is more fun and easy to blogger comunity!

Avatar said...


that is a good way to put it, in the end everybody wins with this upgrade.

Raquel said...

This is really great but the problem is we can't edit the template provided. How all your hacks man, how can I install. But anyway, they said they are still in the process of updating and adding more features.

Avatar said...

you can add the hacks, you just need to change your settings. i will elaborate more on this tomorrow on how to use the new Blogger Beta.

so, don´t worry, i am already testing all of this.. that is why the one post a day right now.

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