Aug 15, 2006

After the shock comes some ice cold thinking on this new blogger.

I aproached such thinking on what and why Blogger released the beta Now if i already knew they were going to release it in no less than september?.

The answer is very simple: Live Spaces, Myspace and Yahoo 360 (soon to be upgraded). they were feeling the heat and Google can´t just let Microsoft or Yahoo to surpass it by principles alone.

Now lets recapitulate on some of the things i read in the over 40 E-mails i recived in the last hrs.

(keep them coming!)

What About Wordpress?

Many people wrote to me: They were feeling the heat from Wordpress!, Wordpress is better!

Sorry, but have ANYONE seen wordpress numbers?

They are pathetic.

And just a day after Blogger upgraded i have read more than 100 comments with this lines:

Cool, i was just going to move to wordpress, but now i will not have to move

The only thing i wanted was categories and private settings, i have no reason to leave blogger now

i am new at blogging and i was going to quit because i was not able to edit my blog at all, this new beta is everything i wanted

If this was the overall Blogger commenting in less than 24hrs, now just multiplicate it to 100 to cover all the Bloggerosphere that was just about or thinking in moving to wordpress, and then think of all the press that the new blogger beta recived (1432 posts about it, including forums, newsites,etc,etc of course) reaching millions upon millions of not yet Blogging internet users.

You think they are going to EVEN considerate Wordpress now?

(ok, the 1% will)

Wich is why this upgrade is good to everyone, wordpress will feel very inclined to raise their bar and come up with better things to retain their new users and to continue to atract others.

More now than ever, becaue they were starting to be profitable.

Live Spaces, Myspace and Yahoo360 are not blog platforms!

Ok, of course they are not, they are hublogs Platforms, and any Blogger would know that, but what about the rest of the 90% of the world?

They just don´t give a damn, and the fact that the actual blog section is actually much more improved that some actual Blog platforms don´t helps at all.

So in the end, they are in the game.

Live is right now without a doubt the Biggest Hublog Platform with over 110 millions users, and i can predict that by january or february (based on vista shipping, yeah, yeah i know) they will reach 150 millon users easily. Myspace will be somewhere 120-125 millions, yahoo360 will be somehere in 50-70 millions.

So, you now see why Blogger needed the upgrade and why they released in beta, it is a stunt. a huge Press stunt, a PR genius plot. since they have released it in beta, they have generated gigantic Buzz all over the internet that is not based on hype. because the cat is already out of the hat and since they need to keep the press atention and the general public Mindshare,this serves perfect to the needs for a completely automatic promotion of the platform.

Why Blogger Launched as Beta if this is version 2.0?

Actually, This upgrade would be Blogger v3.0. and is only 2.0 on the Web 2.0 Buzzword factor. wich i think is the why of choosing the word BETA instead of v3.0 beta or Blogger 2.0 beta for the time being.

I can´t switch!, is not fair the new users get the beta and older bloggers don´t, my girlfriend could switch and i am stuck here at the old Blogger!!!

Yeah, tell me about it. they should really could have choosen to do some special invites or something for older Bloggers.. that was a bad step by what could have been a even better PR idea.

However, only the 10% of the actual Blogger userbase are being allowed to switch right now, and as i can guess blogger will be alowing migration 10% a week (minimum) starting september. so that by the numbers the entire userbase can be in the new blogger before the end of the year.

And once again, the reason for that is tha they need to adjust to the demand, they were very clever basing all the conditionals on a tag actual search instead of a just a regular mighty conditional this will be saving resources and offers more function at the same time.

Now. i can also guess that the migration should/could be actually faster because i can easily see that 20% of the entire user base will be making a new blogger account either using a prexisting Google Account or just by opening one now that it is possible?.

It could also be that, it is part of the plan, because of the Numbers, i mean, they can release a press release with:

"10 million new Blogger accounts just in the first month of the new Blogger Beta!"

But this is not really that good besides the PR and promotion angle, becuase now we will be floating in Dead blogs as much as the blogger system floats on splogs that still take bandwith, storage and contaminate the next blog button.

Ok, so Blogger upgraded to what it is the standard and maybe with a improved a edge, what now?

Even with the really really outdated blogger (in wich i am still bloggging this),

the last hacks of what will be know as the Web 1.0 Blogger, were impressive and remarkable. the tag index, and the last categories (two that now probably will never see the light of day, one of mine and one of Aditya) were flawless and even better than actual real services that allowed blogger to even out with wordpress, be it hosted or not. Mo matter what others tell you.

Now, the room of improvement in a platform that even if by a little mark, is a step forward from the others must be what will be keeping Blogger Ahead and at the level of anything.

So, to end this long rant, i must say to all the hackers that read this blog:

Now What?, easy. look into what even in the beta Blogger is still lacking, think outside the blog features. think on the why not even freshblog john is not Blogger Centric (as i am). think of making an actual Better Bloggerosphere, think in the social aspect, and in the exchange of data aspects.

That is what i see as the new ground to play along with the usual Blogger Haciking.


Efendi said...

GREAT point of view ;)

Ramani said...

Interesting point of view about the Beta, Avatar. I hope it doesn't remain Beta for 4 yrs like Google news :)

Avatar said...


Thanks, it was something burning in my mind i wanted to rant on.


Hahaha.. no Blogger has always been it´s own entity even inside Google, so i hope they finish the move out along wit the year.

But it gives something to think about. Yahoo and Ms can do a Global change in just a month or two without breaking a sweat and Gogole cannot do that because of the long tail model they have.

becuase after all if one must talk about actual google failures, no further than gtalk..i only like it because of the gchat integration, but now that i am in meebo i don´t even need a client.

(until the new trillian comes out at least)

Taoski said...

I suppose Blogger will always have its place in the online society.
It's quick, easy and takes little to set up and maintain.
Thats what drove me to use it in the beginning - i guess i just out grew it in the end!

Avatar said...

@Taoski, not only a spot in the, a great spot, and the first spot if we go into the actul Blog platforms Discussion.

Raquel said...

What a nice explanation. I wish I can move now.

Looking forward to hear more news on beta from you Avatar.,,,thanks for this.

Avatar said...

Thanks to you Raquel, and well, you better read the next post then.

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