Aug 1, 2006

Ok, this is a cool service all the way, and not only that, because everyone knows that in this age of wow factor web 2.0 start ups. A lot of them are really just filler either becuase it is not really useful besides being a novelty or because they are entering a already crowded niche without anything really relevant for them to be set apart from the other services and to climp up from there.

Autopinger is not such thing, It is a VERY needed start up that entered a really crowded niche and really stood up as something relevant.

There are right now 31 Pinging services out there. yes 31 services to ping your blog to several resources, directories and search engines. how many of them are actually not only good but great?

Only 5 of them. how many of them are better than Autopinger?.

NONE of them

I mean, those 5 pinging services i mention are good, and have good tools, but they really will have to play catch up now with this new service out of the gate, and that is a good thing.

Ok,ok, what is so great about this and why anyone with a Blogger powered blog must care?, simple:

Autopinger does the very same thing you have been doing on sites like Ipings, kingping and the like, with the difference that it will allow you to open a account and add your blog(s) into it, and just after you have done just that, you are already done, Autopinger will ping all the sites you tell them to and will later check your blog for you and will ping it when you have updated it. since it will be alerted by your Rss Feed.

At the moment of writing this, i already have set up Bloggeratto into it, Many can argue that pinging is just not really that important but i consider important enough to thank for a service smart enough to save time doing so, and giving me the option to do it so.

Now, let´s see how quick this niche Evolves.

So, if you have a Blogger Blog, go an check it out.



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