Aug 4, 2006
Today at Blogger Buzz Finally broke the news about the long ago talked about Blogger/SonyEricsson deal so that one of the new line of the Cybershot Phone in the K series could use Blogger directly from the phone to do some picture based moblogging as an angle to promote the Cybershot phone line.

The k800 has the option to either blog on the go as you just have taken the picture or to import photos from your album and then blog them with the phonewhenever you want.

Having my last phone stolen, i was thinking of going with the k750i wich is on what both the W and the cybershot line are based from as all actual modern lines come from the t610... so if i get to play with this, i will let you all know.

The site of the phone is here:

K800 Product Site

And a Blogspot Demo is here, to wich i wonder why they didn´t used a minima template like in the actual ads.. but whatever.

Blogger Blog K800 Demo

Given that the Phone Deal is out, i guess they could add the SEND Button to the blogger navbar at any time.


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