Aug 7, 2006
Since i re-entered the Blogger scene for the third time, i was always amazed by Singpolyma Blogger hacking and web dev skils

Then, after awhile he gave a turn and i noticed some of his web apps and hacks were now hosted at Ning.

I remember when Ning launched,. it didn´t caught much of me at the time but i knew what it was all about.

Much because i didn´t have the time to get into it.

Now after the first general upgrade of Ning something like a month ago, Ning seems better and more into what it should do and doing biz with a paid options to get profitable.

But if something captures the spirit of what Ning is and should be, that would be Stephen app development. and since Stephen started using Ning he has done some groundbreaking work, he actually created the Commentosphere with an app that did what Cocomment does now, where Stephen is also one of the main commenters using the service.

And that was just his first Ning App.

So, if you want to check what else has stephen has done with Ning and to know more about him, then you only need to go here:

A Chat with Stephen Paul Weber

And while you are at it, visit that other young gun in this Post where he goes more into web developing and Ning.


Aditya said...

Yes! I said it before, I'll say it again. A lot of things around here wouldn't be the same without Stephen here! :) Good things he has coming for him!

Ning is awesome! Everything you need, and its free! ;) Let the creative juices flow!

I see my nickname of 'young gun' has caught on! Good! I like it! :) Thanks for the link hermano! You seem to have quietly passed your 100th post without any fanfare! Now this is definitely not done! Bring on the beer!! (Yes, I'm of legal age, before you ask!)

Avatar said...

actually i have not passed it..because belive me,there will be fanfare when i get to it.

i have 20 drafts in the dashboard... and 30 more in my notes... eeek.

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