Jul 20, 2006

Many Bloggers by now will have an idea of what Cocomment, is and do.

And they have upgraded the system: Anouncement

However, if you had never heard of it yet, well, let me tell you what it is about:

Cocomment, tracks the Blogosphere and beyond for what you say in it. allowing you to have your own track line on it, meaning you will always know what you said and were you said it but, also letting you to know if someone else said or replied directly to what you said.


Not at all, Cocomment is for Comments, what Blogger is for Push Button Publisihng, The easiest and the best way to be integrated into your thoughts, ideas and opinions at any given time giving you the choice to share them abroad.

There are others options out there like co.mments and commentor but they still not come close to Cocomment, so if you have never tried it, maybe is time you would now that it has been upgraded to stay ahead of the pack.

Check it out:



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