Jul 22, 2006
Yes, I am aware that the Native Search is not working anywhere, this has something to do with Google Blogsearch, so I can only hope this means they are upgrading something.

We will have to wait until Monday to see if this is cleared out or change the search to Yahoo!.

[Update]: Blogsearch is back up, hence the search is all up and run fine!. Go ahead, give it a go! :) - Aditya


Aditya said...

Switch to Yahoo!? No no!! Yahoo! sucks so bad I wouldn't be caught dead using it!

I hope Google gets its pants up soon!

Avatar said...

hahaha, well, ok, if not we go with live search.

and don´t even try to compare it to yahoo, is way better.

Aditya said...

Hehe! I guess we didn't have to switch after all! Google is back up! ;)

Avatar said...

Finally...ah validation.

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