Jul 12, 2006
There are two Blogs that have without question the best Native Search display there is, Aditya and me of course.

Well,Aditya has upgraded his Native Search leaving even mine to shame with a additional feature you will not find in that google ajax search google is letting everyone play with.

And that is Suggestions, wich means that when you start typing in the form it will show the most popular results in the page, and not only that, everytime you choose one of the items that are suggested, that word will get higher in the list of the popular choices, samewise if you type another word and that word gets searched more often it will replace a word in the list with that new hot keyword.

it is not that cool or what?

It sure is, and another reason why there is always a way to keep a step ahead of google.

Now, why am talking about this if it seems Aditya is not going to release it?, well, Aditya is a softie, and he sure loves comments, so if you go to his post and tell him to release it, he will comply, so go and suggest it to him...


Efendi said...

omg ! this is awesome ! nice tweak to the hacks ! definetely goin' to suggest him ;)

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