Jul 26, 2006

xFruits is other of those Web 2.0 Start ups that works not servin one service but various service at the same time in the way of a online ToolBox, in this case serving serveral services to work with Feeds.

Lets take a quick look to them:

1.-RSS Aggregator

This serves as a Feedigest kind of thing that will allow you to make a mix of upto to
3 Feed in one go.

The Further Review of this will go in a new post.

2.-RSS To Web

A RSS Landing page, only useful to those that are not in Feedbuner already (so, not many), but if you wanna have a look at one, take a look at

Bloggeratto xFruits Landing Page

3.-RSS To Mobile

A RSS Landing page for Mobile phones, that is more useful to the overall user, it serves for PDA, CellPhones and Old Smartphones.

So wel, you know what follows:

Bloggeratto Mobile xFruits Landing Page

4.-Post To RSS

A Mail To Feed service, well that is also promising considering this is another option that can be used to either to collaborations with other by e-mail or to play with it.

I will put the review of this in the Mail To Feed Services Post.


Another service following a growing little niche, the Feed To PDF services and you can use it with ease, it is as good as the rest.

6.-RSS To Mail

Not Active yet, will update when it is usable

A Online ToolBox Service to compete with full blown Feed To mail services?, not really, it will only be useful for those that like the simple services.

7.-File To RSS

Not Active yet, will update when it is usable

My guess is that this will be a either a Podcast Enabled Feed or That rolled with a File Hosting solution.

I hope for the later.

8.-RSS Composer

Not Active yet, will update when it is usable

The big incognita of the services, the one that really makes me want it already.

Time will tell.

So, in the end Xfruits, is a Web 2.0 because it has social featured enabled for the user of it, and it has a map, tags and searchable profiles.

Here is mine:

xFruits Avatar Profile

The front of the service is that, the people that use the service, you search the people to take a look at how they are using the tools, and this usage can either be Public or Private. so it is worth of a visit and a try.



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