Jul 7, 2006
Well, i recived some mail asking where the hell i was. the thing is that my health was not OK the last 10 days so i were a little M.I.A on the Blogging scene because of it, it is sad becuase i have lots of stuff that i am holding because i have them in my notes.

It is also sad becuase it takes me out of my self marked schedule for the blog i wanted to keep when i started it.

But since i have to work in the day, it can get hard to do.

However i have done a lot of thinking and i have been distracting myself translating the rest of the post that i need so the spanish version of this blog can be in synch with this blog at all times

So, sorry about the hiatus but that is how life is.

But i am in no way letting go of this Blogger Craziness.

Thanks for the ones who sended me a e-mail.


Aditya said...

Good to have you back commander!

Efendi said...

hmm.... if a bloggers... (a pro bloggers like Avatar here ;) ) dont post anything for such a time, then it's must be somethin' ;)

so prepare yourself for the unexpected guyz ;)

but you surely have to make an announcement that you're still alive dude ;) i mean think of the fans :P at least some teaser for what you're up too ;) hehehe

Avatar said...

@Aditya: Its good to be back.

@Efendi: yeah i will be even more a tease than now... :P

phydeaux3 said...

Yeah I had been wondering where you were also. I mean I have an excuse for not posting in awhile, I just don't have anything to say. But Avatar can't get away with that, he always has something to say.


Hope everything is cool with your health now. And whats with the teasing on all these new Blogger features...out with it already.

Avatar said...

@Phydeaux: Yeah, i cannot escape my own words. and about my health, almost there, i hope this sunday of rest will complete my healing.

Thanks for stopping by fella. ;)

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