Jul 3, 2006
Well, it seem Efendi Kwok is aboard this Blogger Monkeying we love so much here in Bloggeratto, so as he is a good lad and i consider him a friend i am glad to see he is at it already, great to know.

Anyway Efendi has cooked up a clever and simple Hack to be used if you want to have as the title of the post says: Scrolling Prev/Next Button Links.

When pressed it will just do a scroll transition from post to post very smoothly adjusting to the lenght of the post.

If the post is short the transition will be moderately fast and if the post is long the transition will be fast. you get the idea.

The hack is implemented using a Effect library that weights as little as this very post.

So go give Efendi a Visit at that Post .


Efendi said...

ah, it's an honor to have you post my npl :P and you gave a nice review :) *a little proud* ;)

gracias hermano ;)

Gaby de Wilde said...

Nice, I've played with the concept a while ago but didn't find it worth the few extra kb and the extra buttons to look at. (I already have much script in the blog)

But it gives an extra dimension to the page. I didn't see this thing used so much, something nice to explore. :)

good buzz link :D

Avatar said...

@Efendi: yeah, more stylish don´t it?

and no problema hermano.

@Gaby: yeah it does seem like a interesting library because of is almost non existent weight.

and welcome damn back gabs.

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