Jul 10, 2006
Aditya points out the question about how Blogger upgrades will affect The hacks, mods and methods from today and the ones that still don´t get to be.

Becuase a lot of creativity is put at work when thinking about categories that is still the number one feature that blogger lacks and cannot provide at this time becuase not having enough server power at the disposal of the blogger platform so it can get upgraded as it should. the Blogger System it is now in constant upgrading and tweaking, some features come and go without no one noticing them, and other are still waiting their moment.

One of the next Blogger features that has been hold forever is the dreaded Send SMS for the blogger navbar, and also a button that has been put off and taken off of the blogger navbar is one that said simply "go" and i really didn´t had a clue what that was about.

Other features include a hinted design tweak of the internal Blogger look that we know,

One that is now in beta testing is the Rss feed for Blogger and i see it has got better but it is still not usable as the main feed just as it is.

But in the end there is always stuff to make up, stuff to do, i know because i have only seen 20 of almost a 100 concept i have in my head come to reality, so, yeah there is always stuff to make.

I can only imagine the better for the platform this year, and i am surely expect it to continue to be as flexible as it is, becuase if at some moment Blogger becomes strict, then the spirit of what Bloggerhas been from the start would just dry.


Taoski said...

I do hope that the Blogger 2.0 upgrade will not knock out all the hacks that you and others have put in place.

I know that updates to Wordpress have disabled alot of previous features that plugins relied on - so lets hope that Blogger does not go down the same route.

It must be hard to implement new features without messing peoples code too much. Maybe the new features will only be available on a set of new templates which are probably being designed as we speak. Otherwise, you will have to code them in manualy.

Avatar said...

I don´t imagine the Blogger Platform crossing to 2007 without categories and several other features, i just can´t, i am certain that Categories will fall into place this year.

one thing that blogger has always been chuking out features is the comments and settings related stuff, but as i said the only thing holding categories out is server power....

Nothing else.

phydeaux3 said...

Not the dreaded Send SMS button!!!

Heh, thats about the lamest thing Blogger has come up with, and I usually defend them. I hope that's not considered a feature. :-D

Avatar said...

no phydeaux, am just using it as a example of how blogger changes their code around a lot.. remember i sended you a screen of the bbutton, the one i could not catch was the dreaded go button

i don´t know what that were about.

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