Jul 20, 2006

Got hack?, that sounds like a common question from a Blog Called Hackosphere , right?

Well, it is, that is the "slogan/motto" under the title of Ramani Arunachalam that made quite a noticiable splash on the Bleet starting almost at the same time as July started.

19 days have passed and there are now 3 hacks in Anniyalogam to the service of the Bloggerosphere if neeeded/wanted/liked:

1.- One Click Comment Notification

The One-Click is my favorite idea of Ramani´s Hacks, becuase not only that is a brilliant idea for a hack, it is something that should be in place as a feature in Blogger itself.

You put that hack up and if someone has left you a comment, now you as the author of the blog can notify him with the one-click button that you have left a reply to him.

This can only work and will only work with those who have a E-mail activated in their Blogger profile.

2.- Archive Browser

The Archive Browser, is a strange idea but it´s directed to low-broadband and dial-up user, since the hacks goes and gives you a reading page for that year worth of post on stripped down version, so it can be as lightweight as possible to load.

3.- Featured Post Of The Day

This has been a idea done in other platforms and to some extend in blogger but not exactly this way.

Featured Post, will give you a random post for your blog everyday serving to those blogs that don´t update daily and to those who want a little novelty in their blogs.

Other thing you can find is a Blogspot Viewer. coming from the Archive browser idea, Ramani decided to put a fast reader blogspot new post browser tht he called Freedom Viewer

You give the name of the blog and this will give you the latest post of that blog

If you decide to give it a try you can find it here:

Freedom Viewer

And well, that is it. now lets wait what more can happen next.


Ramani said...

Thanks Avatar, for the nice intro.

Actually, Archive browser is aimed at blogs with lot of posts over several years. It helps to quickly browse through the archives of a year and read the interesting posts only or search for something. This is the most popular tool among my tools with over 220 blogs tried with it.

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