Jul 21, 2006

I wrote about Yutter back in my review of Feed To Mail Services to use in Blogger where it came up as the best of the services i reviewed.

Well, the bet is even higher now, sure Feedblitz has improved a little but it is really nothing compared at the improvement of Yutter considering, it was already the best service of its kind.

So, yes Yutter is a service that will take your feed and then cast it into a e-mail syndicated service so people can subscribe to your blog and that the post come to their mails.

Since it started Yutter has gone from 0 to over 2000 users, something i find actually depressing considering how good it is.

And here is what they can offer to you that no one else can:


You can put your logo of your blog and online publication as the header of the e-mail and the subscription form your visitors are going to use.

2.-Custom E-mail Schedule

This is a brilliant feature that will help you to control how you drive your post to the one who read you, this option lets yu program and what time of the day or how often you are going to send e-mails with your posts.

I have set it at once daily, becuase that way the subscriber only recives one E-mail ,no matter if you did 1 or 10 posts that day.

And becuase, it gives you a window of time in case something happens and you edit the post or change part of it. Yutter will take the post from the feed at the time you have scheduled it to do so, meaning that the edit/change will reach your readers without re-sending the post..

3.-Complete Reader Control

The controls in yutter to let you manage subscribers are top notch, you can validate the address of a subcriber so they can recive your posts right away, you can export the list in a txt. file, you can erase/pause/activate reader whenever you want.

4.-Ease Of Use.

Yutter has the easiest and better looking interfase of the Feed To Mail crowd, you can set up a account and have it running in 5 minutes or less.


Yutter has the best set of features for a free service, they have features other charge for and one of the best way of managing stats in a service like this:

Real time.

If you still need more to make your mind take this comparation chart:

And that is it. please go and compare so you can know why

"Yutter Just Rock Da House"



David said...


Thanks again for the kind words!

khong co ai said...

The only problem (it could be for some folks) is that all the mail received got a ad units containing image ads...

Anonymous said...

That is temporary.

We are expirementing with business models and we are pretty sure that will not be a long-term option. Look for them to be removed this week.


Avatar said...

Well, there you go Khong, now there is no excuse to not try iit.. :P

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