May 15, 2006
While Choosing the right service to offer Mail Full Post Syndication in Bloggeratto, i found myself reviewing my options again for one last time, so i thought this would be also of use to everyone else reading this blog. Given that this is a up to date review of what it is available right now.

This is what i found while choosing mine:


This service is actually the second least known of the list but it seems the service is one of the oldest too.

R-Mail is very simple to use, the interfase is clean and bright, it really don´t have many options, but it does the job perfectly and is very straightfoward.

I would recommend this service more for Amateurs bloggers or for a blog that don´t plan to post on a daily basis if it is going to be used by a publisher. if it is the reader is a ok service to subscribe a feed in.

One thing for the readers and the publisher is the reminder that R-mail use Amazon E-mail Ad-Footers to monetize the service.

R-Mail is free and as it is, it don´t has any upgrade or stats besides the ones for publisher management


User Interfase:7.5
E-Mail Display:7.5



The best of the Simple Mail To Feed Services.

It May had the most simple interface of them all, but that interfase is well thought and completely intuitive and lineal in every sense, so in less than a minute you can be reading your favorite feed in the mail

RssFwd is very fast and Stable, i liked the ease of use of it and the way you add the feed you want to read because it lets others also know about the feed you have just added without giving your details, in a DIGG kind of way.

I Recommend RssFwd for anyone in the Amateur Crownd over R-Mail. this is the best it can get being that simple.

As for reader, this is one of the best services to read a subscription.


User Interfase:8.5
E-Mail Display:8.0



The direct competitor of Feedblitz and so-so new start up competing for the crown of the Feed-To-Mail scene.

From the logo and the design is way way too flamboyant for my taste, i cannot stop thinkig about clowns from the moment i read squeet, it makes me think about a clown walking or touching his nose and when i see the site,i get the feeling i am about to hire a clown or something like that.

besides that is OK i guess.

It is worth to note that this was not the original design, this new design is actually better than the bright orange HELL they had going on when they started if i recall correctly.

So they passed from "eye-killing" to "eye-catching", heh.

About features and ease of use, the service is free but lacks of personalization in the free version, if you want the feed to look and feel like your brand you will have to pay.

But looking it with a cold mind this service is better that the two previous services for the very simple reason that it will thrive on for a long time since it has a biz model,and the service is not only more powerful but has more scalability into it.

Why do i say it will be here to stay? for the simple reason that they have a link back partnership with feedbuner, so you can actually choose righ from inside the Feedbuner dashboard go with Squeet as your Feed-to-Mail Provider.

The interfase is some quite outdated in look and not buzzword compliant.

Squeet offers stats and a completely stable service, the login is a little bit slow as well as the sign up for a account but the stability of the service is smooth.

As from a reader aproach to it, it is really not better than RssFwd.but the e-mail display does offer some interactivity links in the footer as a bonus feature.


User Interfase:8.0
E-Mail Display:8.0



This is the one who started the Escalating of the Feed-To-Mail services.

Because at first all that there was were nothing but notification or headlines feed to-mail services that offered pretty much nothing and that were and are frankly useless.

The only good notification service i can think of, that is still operating and that has a validity to it today is; Yahoo! Feed Alerts. that can not only go to a e-mail but to IM too,and am sure it will follow you with SMS and MMS soon.

It was actually funny to see it go into operation and predate without any shame or the slightest hesitation the biggest notification service there was: Bloglet (there is no worth the link anymore, trust me) that dominated down to a 75% back then.

Enters Feedblitz offering a full array of never seen features and better display than Bloglet, as expected, they just ripped the soul of them directly becuase FeedBlitz even offered from the very beginning a option to import your feeds and settings from Bloglet.

(i want to note here that Bloglet had it coming)

Well, Feedblitz until very Recently was The Feedbuner of the Feed-To-Mail services (yeah, that comparation phrase is more than justified every time).

Right now they have the second top prioritary Partnership with Feedbuner for Feed-to-Mail Services besides Feedbuner quite new Feedburner Mail that can choosed from the feedburner dashboard.

And that is how we jump to the present with Feedblitz.

The truth is Feedblitz is quite the Big guy in this kind of service and with that comes the reliability of it being almost perfect given that is at the lead of the marketplace and with a really simple ease of use, they even have a auto-responder feed entry message for every new suscriber, that means if you suscribed to Bloggeratto you would get a thank you for the subscribe with a preprogrammed feed entry, i find that feature, the strongest feature in FeedBlitz besides it improves fast enough to keep up with the rest.

But even then it is not the best there is in the list, just quite close to it.

The service is free for partial features and as in Squeet any desire of personalization for your blog and full control of the stats system it provides comes with a price.


User Interfase:8.0
E-Mail Display:8.0


FeedBurner E-mail

Forget about using Feedburner as a reference here, THIS is FeedBurner version of the Feed-To-Mail and it is great.

Feedburner E-mail was recived with quite a stir by the already BIG feedburner userbase but not so much by the competition and the already in place partner in crime: FeedBlitz. the thing is that Feedbuner really didn´t thought about doing it in the first place but it was strongly demanded by the users of the service,so they were actually forced by them to do so.

The quality in service, reliability and interfase is already known by most bloggers, it even was improved recently with a new design and funtionality directed to the Stats that are what make money for Feedbuner right now. i can loom the same treatment for the E-mail service as a way to make money for them.

The service is free, it has good features and more important a great display for the E-mail subscription. they do have decided to compensate their current parnetships making it a publisher only feature. so that means that FeedBlitz will continue leading the pack.


User Interfase:9.0
E-Mail Display:9.0



Most would think by now that after the feedburner review, the game was over, how can something be better that Feedburner new service?

Rules are to be broken all the time, and if you have seen the shifting in gears just in the history about the previous services on this list. here it comes the best:

Yutter, A new web 2.0 complaint service that will manage feeds for everyone that wants to with the finest quality until now. good design, excellent interfase, steady service, easy login and sing up, lightbox gw navigation and function calls,easy to use and check Real time Stats.

Forget a little about the convenience factor of having it in feedburner because you manage your feed there. Yutter just rocks da house. how sure i am of it? well, that is what i will be using in this blog.

Because it may not have the convenience of the FeedBurner mail but it has the best E-mail display right from the start with three personalization features that will make you forget about FeedBurner or FeedBlitz

Custom Header or Logo For your feed, Welcome E-mails for new subscribers and a Popularity Chicklet Feedburner Style.

(about the chicklet, i hope he adds color options)

And the best of it? All Free. So if you are using this kind of service you now know whatis my best recomendation .


User Interfase:9.5
E-Mail Display:9.5


Ok, that is all of them there.

If you know of any other Feed to Mail Service, please let me know to check it out and add it to the list. in the meantime i will be adding Yutter to Bloggeratto.

*UPDATE 1:I revised and edited the post after some pointing by e-mails.

*UPDATE 2:After Having a fast but great gmail conversation with David B from yutter i also have edited the Yutter Entry. thanks for the head-ups David.

*UPDATE 3:One final edit for the yutter entry


Gaby de Wilde said...


Avatar said...

OH man, HEAT VISION AND JACK, The Pilot that never, pure Neo-Retro GOLD.

I forgive you for derailing my Comment Thread. just because you reminded me of its existence...

I will so do a Off Topic post to Have all this kind of comments Abuse... -\m/ RAWK \m/-

Sally Green said...

So how do I get bloggeratto posts by email ?

Avatar said...

@Sally Green: So how do I get bloggeratto posts by email ?

Please use the subcriber in the top of the left navbar, just below the feedburner chiclet.

Ariel said...

Is there a way to have Yutter sub stats show up in the "reader" stats that Feedburner compiles?

Avatar said...

@Ariel: i guess you are refinrg about this with feedburner?:

Stats 2 Feed ?

if this is what you are llooking for, it is not posible, however, i have direct communication with yutter creator and you are the sixth person that ask for it, so i will let him know about it because right now it is not posible.

Ariel said...

Thanks much. Yeah, it would be nice to see the Yutter subscribers showing up as Feedburner stats, especially for the "readers" chicklet. Nice for the ego, at least. ;)

Avatar said...

Yeah, it should be now a new default feature for this kind of services, i mean, if they are syndicating feeds why not also produce a stats feed?. it is a good idea.

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