May 10, 2006
There is a real demand and consuming of Feed related services right now in the internet but one of the still not very in demand and in offer are the Feed Filtering Services.

Since we are gonna be using them on this blog i would like you introduce you to them:


Once mentioned here, this service is great, is easy to use, is very straightforward and up to this point is very stable, that is the most important thing, to mantain the feed you must do an account but is a painless process and is pretty darn quick.

The only thing i would like is for it to have a more formal site and that they had a more Brand perception of themselves.

This service is Free, account required for daily use service.

Actual Stability:9
Future Reliability Perception:9
Service Interface:9




As you can see by the screenshot, this service is very very very simple.

But funtional, fast and stable so far, so it is a great service to use, however.

I am not going to use it for 3 simple reasons:

1.-Its quite Brandless and this don´t really gives a identity of the service.
2.-How can i know that this is not going to go away tomorrow?
3.-Being a one person project of someone that may or may not being a priority to the creator, i don´t wanna cost him money that he don´t have..tht is part of the problem of not knowing anything about the service.

This service is free and you don´t even require a account.


Actual Stability:9.5
Future Reliability Perception:6
Service Interface:7


RSS Funnel

I don´t know if the system of this brand was down the two times i tried to filter something. but i tried 10 minutes to filter something without success.. and let me tell you 1 minute is ok, 10 minutes is just a complete waste of time.

The input of the parameters is completely inadequate, confusing, and not really thought out.

I must say this is the only bad apple from all the services in this post.

Please don´t even bother.

RSS Funnel

Actual Stability:1
Future Reliability Perception:5
Service Interface:3



This service is not only a fan favorite, but personal favorite too, but in this case is only perfect for filtered digests.

I then have to eliminate this by default.

But it is still a Excellent service, and if you want a filtered digest,this the place to come.

you need a account and any display over 20 items is a paid option.


Actual Stability:9.5
Future Reliability Perception:9.5
Service Interface:9.0



This service is The FeedBurner of the Feed Filtering.

1.-Strong Brand perception of itself.
2.A actual strong Comercial Model with excellent prices.
3.-Strong Features and focusing on Filtering only.

You need a account too but it is worth it.

the prices ar really cheap and worth it:

5 Filtered Feeds:FREE
50 Filtered Feeds:1$ a month.

So you can see that is more than a worthy service.


Actual Stability:9.5
Future Reliability Perception:9.5
Service Interface:9.5


So there you have it, this are the services available right know, if anyone know of other good Feed Filtering Service Please let me know and i will add it to the post.


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