May 8, 2006
Once again If there is a Netiquette, then of course there it is a blogetiquette, but in this blog; Bloggeratto ,we have to be even more specific as you may guess, so let´s Talk about blogger blogetiquette, in our case: The Bloggetiquette.

At first, i was not going to continue right away this series of posts that i began with The Bloggetiquette Offenders, but seeing the stats of the post, the E-mails i got and that it had some comments, i am more than compelled to do it. because you know, i aim to please.

So lets have a look at the bloggers who MAKE a example of Excellent Bloggetiquette:

The Bloggetiquette Finests.

  1. For The Blogger Blog Owner:

    • The Samaritan:
      This blogger dedicate one category to answer questions and to help anyone that ask him help, he will reply kindly by E-mail, and even pass up quite some time in Blogging Forums doing nothing but answering problem issues.

      This blogger has a place in blog heaven and at the end of the day sleeps more soundly than anyone.

    • The Righteous:
      This blogger lives by Ethics, Honor and Goodwill.

      He/She goes by the book when it goes about contracts, he/she is very cautious about everything. Takes the time to do detailed posts about everything, has everything in order, and will uphoald the law when the times comes. you don´t wanna fall in the bad side of this blogger becuase if you misbehave He/she will come after you.

      One must imagines that at the end of the day there is a horizon with a dawning sun to where he/she looks at.

    • The Branded:
      This kind of blogger is more than loooved by the guys at pyra labs inside google labs.

      They boost the brand, they breath and they live for the brand. they have the T-shirt, and they are proud to tell you about all the stuff the brand has made for them.

      Their blogs use templates modeled at the default templates, they pass the time creating buttons and banners for their blog with the icon of the company.

      And yes, at the end of the day most of the times they END being part of the brand.

    • The Buzzer:
      This Blogger loves to make others being known, he is the one that gets famous because making other bloggers famous, he/she blogs and links what he/she likes but while following very strict rules to mantain the status in the SEO/SEP protocols.

      He/She reviews others people content making pointers, remarks and even some deep thinking about it, he is part of the Zeitgeist.

      Because of this , the bloggerosphere loves this Blogger.

      At the end of the day he/she smiles at the mirror before going to bed and says the same words out loud every night: YOU ARE SOOOOO AWESOME!.

    • The Activist:
      This kind of blogger takes words into action, blogs about themes that can be considered important, their kind will organize Team blogs. Chats, Groups and will write a detailed journal of all that in his/her blog, he/she likes to be E-mailed and will response in surprising ways, when you want to battle a argument he/she is the best source to call for help.

      Once the blogging starts, they carry on part of the spirit of the bloggerosphere.

      At the end of the day just triying to live a simple life and dreaming every night about the next big Statement.

    • The Good Provider:
      This kind of blogger likes Tools and likes you to know about it, he/She will make tutorial and tutorials only for the services that will be of some use to the bloggerosphere and in some cases if the service does not exist, will be the one creating it. faceles and egoless. the pleasure is providing the ways to anyone. the main difference with the samaritan is that this blogger goes by no name and really don´t thinks about doing good, thinks about doing usefuls things.

      At the end of the day is just a person in the real world you would never suspect of being that way but is probable that is your friend or even from your family.

    • The Full Time Journalist:
      This kind of blogger has a goal and a career. they are of the Problogger tribe. they are so sure about what they are doing that they have quitted jobs and have dropped from other activites to do their blogging. they live of your donations and they REALLY need it.

      They uphoald the same values and are as wothy as any other pro journo in a important newspaper, they are even more trusted sometimes becuase there is no editorial filter for their voices, they are the new way, and they will pass on the truth to the bloggerosphere and beyond.

      At the end of the day the only thing they care about are The facts, the truth and the next big scoop. they will look for the Prime Scoop that will get them notoriety and readers.

    • The Avanti:

      This kind of blogger is always a step ahead of anyone, competing only with peers, is the Blogger Matrix: Hacker, Modder, Method Man or Dev in the Bloggerosphere.

      He/She likes nothing more than to code, sometimes looks are not important to its kind, they are the L33T, nothing is more important than knowing, that making things work, the thrill is in the hunt, not the throphy, sometimes after relesasing something, they don´t look back, they only live in the future.

      They can write code better than talk. and that is ok. they MAKE the bloggerosphere.

      At the end of the day there is no end of the day to them.

    • The Concept Blogger:
      One day without warning they had a brilliant idea, something artful, something of full poetry and beauty, something with human factor. they are the ones that do the Art project blogs, they are the ones that surprise us and make us feel good of finding them.

      They live for the passion of Art.

      And at the end of the day, their vision is looking for the right canvas.

    • The Promotor:
      This blogs live thinking in money, hitwealth, cross-referals and the Spotlight.

      He/She is the "THE" of SEO/SEP/RANKING/TRAFFIC/RELEVANCE Blogging, will teach you how to sell, how to get readers, is the Pro blogger most beloved by advertisers, brands and the company.


      Is also known to its´kind that very few of them exist. it is requiered a special ability to the one of the promotors.

      Is a natural talent. he/she is the show runner and host of everything and can make better and more powerfuls slogans that the creators of the services. the power they carry is inmense, they can KILL a service if they spread the word.

      You need the existence of this blogger, but you just don´t know it.

      At the end of the day they like to count the dlls of the refereals and sponsorships before going to sleep soundly knowing they are spreading the hitwealth your way.

  1. For The Reader:

    • The feedbacko:
      This reader is dreamy to all of us bloggers.

      He/she leaves feedback about everything in comments and in E-mail, TRUE feedback, We just love that Reader.

      I magine that by day is the kind of person who loves to fill forms, awaits tax day, loves to fill forms for friends, loves puzzles, brain trainers and crosswords.

      For this blogger a good night evening with the family is playing every table game known to man, much to the reason that he knows he is going win....

      At the end of the day while going to sleep nothing better that counting words points in mental scrabble!!!

    • The Editor:
      Oh man, this reader is more that sure at a control position somewhere in real life. likes to edit. nothing better that cutting words and making things more interesting to read.

      You as a blogger Respect AND fear this reader, becuase when they respond to you, you better litsen & respond right away.

      At the end of the day laughs to sleep thinking about the editing errors in books, movies and the like, right know laughing a lot at the preview of The Da Vince Code Movie.

    • The Wise:
      Guess what?, miyagi is not dead, yoda exists, and of course that Grand kung-fu Master exist. they exist in this Reader, like in Star Wars, sometimes speaks in a strange languague, but the wisdom that carries is spot on almost to a scary level. you sometimes disregard the teachings and this cost you dearly, then you must take the for what this reader is, WISE.

      In the Real World they are that guy/girl that seems to flow with life. not in a hippie way of course...i mean c`mon..

    • The Linker:
      Ah, another wonder of the bloggerosphere, the reader that links you back in posts, that make sures a backlink exist, that does trackbacks, that link you at forums, that has a link posts... is hot in in here or what?...err.. well. forget that last bit.

      In real life was the one working at yearbooks, social clubs, that run for president, that were in the oratory guard, the one that was left to take care of the classroom.

      At the end of the day any long list of links turns him on!.

    • The Socialite:
      This kind of reader goes above what The linker does. This reader made into blogging for social purposes and with a party agenda.

      I know you may be saying at this part: IS THIS MAN SMOKING CRACK WHILE WRITING?.

      No, i don´t do hard drugs. it´s true, you may not belive it but there are huge social bloggers out there, socialites, if you don´t know one is because you really are not in his social circle. but this kind of reader makes 100 comments a day at MINIMUM, this reader is at the 87 bookmarking services it seems, and is sooo into web 2.0 that makes Michael Arrington look like a Pass√®.

      Give it a try.

      And at the end of the day the PARTY is still on with some cocktails before the next morning hangover that is a Bi**H!!

    • The Fan:
      This Reader is your Fan in the same way you are the fan of others.

      This reader is Straightforward, this reader Likes you and roots for you, this is the reader that keeps your spirit up while you are down or in a Blogger Block.

      This Reader expects your atention after giving it, so take good care of your fan. piss him of and you not only loss a reader but you may have won a Feudy!.

      At the end of the day, there is nothing more this reader likes more that choosing sides.

      The team to cheer at the finals, the favorite actor for the oscars, he always has his favorites very well defined.

    • The Buddy:
      You know this reader becuase you know him in real life, this reader post in your blog becuase you post back. you hangout with him at the comments of every post you make and it´s all good.

      At the end of the day he/she will wait the right time to make a prank, a joke or to mess with you because something you said in the do the very same thing too.

    • The Active Lurker:
      This Reader Does a lot for you, you will never know him/her. This Reader does not want that to happen, but you have no idea how dedicated this reader is. the best thing is that goes by a very factual behaviour.

      In real life is a big posibility that the day job involves some kind of secrecy. A lawyer, a doctor, a priest, a therapyst, a spy, who knows.

      At the end of each day, this reader gasp before going to sleep triying to stay strong keeping your secrets safe.

    • The Asociate:
      This reader likes to read you, and will want to join you. is the kind of reader that likes team blogs.

      At the real world is probably a chief manager, a sport player, a coach, etc.

      If at some moment this reader sees that you slipping, that will be the cue to step in with the proposition:

      Want me to Join you?

      It´s true that you should not let just anyone add to your blog, but if this reader does say it you know that is a good idea, this would be a long time reader of yours.

      So please reply:

      That would be great!

      At the end of the day this reader will want to be part of your blog.

    • The Director:

      This Reader likes blogging, but don´t has a blog. he read dozens of blogs, he has a dozens of fees, you name it.

      but this reader is also very especial.

      This Reader likes to read you but more than that, likes to DRIVE you. the sort of feedback that appers to you in the comments or by mail, is to guide you to interesting subjects. and give you ideas, concepts.

      In the Real world the Director could be actually anyone too. but on thing is certain:goes crazy at any simcity, citylife and the sims release!.

      At the end of the day he also knows that will go to sleep saying: that was a good post I made happen.

And we are finish with this one, just one more to go for the bloggetiquette series. but the two sides of the spectrum are the most needed to point to.

I hope you have Liked this post too, and remember to leave me a comment if you think of any other for the list.

Pee Wee Fun House "Word of the day?": BLOGGEROSPHERE!!!!. (insert crazy scene from the show)


Aditya said...

Avanti is my cousin's name! Haha!! xD

(sorry couldn't resist)

I think I fall under that category. What do you say Avy?

Gaby de Wilde said...

I'm still reading but I wanted to say the blog is going well!

Cant wait what you will come up next. :)

Avatar said...

@aditya: Avanti is my cousin's name! Haha!! xD

(sorry couldn't resist)

I think I fall under that category. What do you say Avy? :D

Well Aditya, the proposite of this two posts and the ones to come is not only to point fingers(or cursors) at someone being one thing or another(besides the fact that they are personality traits, so you can have more than one), this category of Bloggerosphere is to make a point get a cross people minds. That refers that the Blogger Platform is so big in itself that it really has the own right to a sphere of their own. and is not microsphere, this blogger sphere can be still percived by the brand it carries more than becuase of the engine and the tools of the platform. becuase it embodies Freedom of Being. and that is much too say.

You cannot say that of ANY other platfomr yet. and i mean that.

And the bottom line is: I am just triying to generate Blogger Culture here... :D

Avatar said...

@Gaby de Wilde: I'm still reading but I wanted to say the blog is going well!

Cant wait what you will come up next. :)

Thanks Gabs, Molto Apreciato (I apreciate it very much).

Aditya said...

Where does Arrington fall? His word can literally destroy companies ... Yet, he's not a promoter. He's a fantastic blogger, yet not a full time journalist...! (sorry! was getting bored! :P)

Avatar said...

Aditya, you must remember that everything must be seen as a personality trait.

so, he is part a promotor and part the full time journalist.

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