May 15, 2006
I cannot deny that I love making words.

As a writer,it's a part of what you do. You need to make up words sometime. However, that don't means I like to babble or just roam about something without sense. Sometimes you just need a word that does not exist, Hence, you have to invent it.

And that is how languages have always worked, because the truth is that a language is never static. It's always moving around and restructuring itself to adapt to the pace of time and life. There are tons of words that change meaning all the time. Words that evolve, that gain relevance and others that simply die from the common talk because they are no longer used.

So without further delay, I would like to place this post to keep track of the protologisms I sprout from my mind into the net that have something to do with bloggeratto.

It's not the first time I did this of course. I alone have made up a little more than 100 protologisms, and from that more than 70 now have their own definition in the wiktionary and something like 30 have their own wikipedia entry. Not done by me of course. That is the point after all.

I am also known for terms, nomenclatures, and some other stuff. But that is another thing entirely.

The list starts here and as you can see I will add them to the Wiktionary:

And why did I not add an entirely new entry for the words in wiktionary nnd wikipedia? Simply becuase I think that would not be right to do.

So, now you know that if am saying words that you have never read, it's because I've probably made them up. But as I said, I always have a good reasons to do so.


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