May 20, 2006
3 things happened this week that made me extra happy about how Bloggeratto is doing so far and i want to share them with everyone:


The blog has exaclty 19 days open to the public, it has stats for 18 days of those 19 days.

And in that time the first milestone has been reached and surpassed.

I am online almost all day now. i have the blog always open and reloading every hr. i also have Gmail open all days so if anything happens in the blog Gmail will tell me about it.

yesteday Bloggeratto broke the 1000 mark to much of my pleasure, this counter only registrates unique hits so this are not page loads. becuase in that first 1000 visitor the blog was loaded 2684 times.

Both of my IP´s are blocked to not being counted so i am not in those numbers.

And I was fortunate enough to catch the counter in 1000 and here is the screenshot to prove it:

Yutter Quote:

Just yesterday i discoveed while going to Yutter
that David B. Had quoted me and linked back for my Review of Yutter in the Frontpage, so i was not only pleased but surprised, thanks David.

Aditya´s Tribute Post

Just this morning, in my side of the world i noted Aditya new blog post called A bunch of tributes! where Aditya made a mention that i want to say i apreciate very much of him and that speak´s for itself:

The next person, and who's always egged me to do the stuff that I have been doing, will be Avatar. I saw him first comment over at Freshblog!, and then cut me off over at Blogger Help Google Group . Later on we started talking, and became good friends, and now we have a joint venture in Bloggeratto . He's the man behind the ideas (most, not all! :P) behind the hacks, and truly a great guy! Thanks for being there man! Appreciate every single day of it!

So, Many Thanks Dude, Let´s Continue to -\m/ RAWK ON \m/-.

Now, as Avatar would say, back to pimping me and hacking!!


What can i say? just Cool, PERIOD!

So, yeah there you have them, some little miilestones for this blog, but i also want to tell everyone reading that next week is going to be Crazy, Excellent Hacks, Articles and Tutorials coming up right away for everyone to enjoy.

And thing don´t stop there, as the one visiting my blog can see the blog is upgrading all the time to bring you the best experience posible.

Stay Tuned and thanks for reading, as always i am a comment/e-mail/i.m away.


Gaby de Wilde said...

You mean this is the last post?

Avatar said...



Where did you got that idea??

Ariel said...

Congrats on the milestones, man! You're blogging helpful stuff, thanks much.

Avatar said...

Thanks A.J,

And there is so many things to come so read on.

Just saw your blog. i liked it, i will grab your feed.

Taoski said...

Well done sir!

Avatar said...

Thanks Matey.

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