May 27, 2006
I also found two great scripts if you feel brave and have the means to host it. This
way you can have your own Mail To Feed online service that will never fail on you becuase you are controlling it.

I have not reviewed properly becuase i have no time test them myself, however i did got to check a real example of someone using this two scripts.


MailFeed is a PHP script that checks a POP3, IMAP, or NNTP mailbox on demand and returns an RSS feed containing the messages in the mailbox (including message bodies, if desired).

I wrote MailFeed after realizing that it would be convenient to read my email along with my morning RSS feeds. I find that it’s especially convenient for reading mailing lists.


Mail to RDF/RSS

Mail2RDF enables you to use your favourite RDF news feed ( reader to see if new mail have arrived at your mail account. A mail server is periodically checked for unread/unseen mail, and a RDF/RSS feed is produced from this.


As always, if you any other option for this entry, tell me about it and i will add it to this post.


Michael Mattan said...

If you are looking for a good site that offers email to RSS feeds... go to

that site is just wonderful!!

pavel said...

If you looking for free online service - look at, that do the same, but not required registration or anything like it

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