May 2, 2006
I just wanted to give a shout to everyone out there and to say that they are more than welcome to post any comment about the hacks, and to make me personal requests for anything Blogger related, if you want me to review something in particular or to solve anything in particular.

The E-mail for this blog at the moment is:

(naw, i don't fear spam)

And yes, I am THAT Craffter you see around in some places of the blogosphere.

(just to answer the two recent e-mails)


Aditya said...

The fair draft looks so much more better than what we had been working on all this while! :) Good work Alex!

I'm sorry, but my internet was down for three days. This was the third page I opened when I first turned it on (Gmail and Bloglines were the first two) and I can see you kept your promise! :)

Gaby de Wilde said...

I thought I better leave a comment to see what it looks like. :-) :lol: :D

Avatar said...

Thanks aditya, and welcome back.

Now, let´s plan.


Avatar said...

Ah, look who is here.

Welcome, gabs, welcome.

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