May 18, 2006
This post serves to the only purpose that you can abuse of the comments system in this blog because maybe you didn't noticed but you can post images in them, active links and video(flash only, like google video, you tube, etc).

The comments in this blog are without a doubt the most advanced in the bloggerosphere.

They are numbered, highlighted and even have a quoting system for the firefox and opera users.

So, if you have some video or image that you like share post the link inside the proper [tag]

[video]link(for the video, not the entire video player[/video]

And even if you don´t have a image or video to share but want to leave a comment, please do. i will be receiving and reading all of them.

*Update: This hack is no longer working*


Rose said...

You've done a lot of work on this and I wish you nothing but success.

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