May 26, 2006
There are not many services or tools to choose from in the are of Mail to Feed niche.

This particular Area of Feeding was not easy to review becuase it required a lot of testing.

But i did reviewed and re-review what is available and here is what i found:



This online tool was pretty much placed on the map because of a LifeHacker entry and that is how i also found about it back at the time of the entry, i revisited the site and there it was exactly as last time i found it:

And it is still the simplest of all the services in this list, and as you will see soon enough, that is hard to do.

In order to use Dodgeit, you imput the desired name for the E-mail account you are going to use as a gate to make your E-mail feed and off you go.

The response of Dodgeit was good, it is not really fast to operate and act up, but this service would be perfect for those in need of only one E-mail Feed, or to anyone that wants to generate a feed that is not too important to rely on.

Dodgeit is in a state of almost Absolute Brandless, not really good pointer to go from and even if it is working good, you really cannot be sure this service is going to hang around or not.

In fact, at the time i used the service the F.A.Q and BLOG of Dodgeit were offline even when the service was up and running.

Dodgeit, is of course free and runs as a project, it is to note that it don´t even have any kind of ads or actual solids statements in it.

Actual Stability: 7
Future Reliability Perception: 5
Service Interface: 3




The Bloggerosphere actual Favorite to this day is without a doubt the MailBucket Service that run since the fall of 2003 to this very day, it was the first service of it´s kind that i saw and it remained that way for quite a while.

Still Brandless as their companions but at last with a actual website page where the service holds up, the banner you saw over the service name is a banner i made from what there is in the page and not the actual MailBucket Banner. because there is not one in it.

MailBucket is up and running with a good response and display, it has spam protection, linkification and the feed produced is of good quality.

Even then, it makes me nervous that the creator don´t has a blog to go for the service and that it has not been updated in more than two years.

MailBucket is a free service and to what is worth it has more testing and comprobation of service than any service of this List.

Actual Stability: 9
Future Reliability Perception: 6
Service Interface: 6




At first look, Mail2RSS seem like a clone from Dodgeit, but this also Brandless site
(something i don´t get,given that the creator Zoran Juric is actually also a web designer) but it is a Web 2.0 compliant service that is using Ajax for it´s display.

The site is really well explained and thought out,and you have a easy access to the creator of the site, and more important, you can look at other things he has done that will show that you can actually be confident of the service from the start.

just input the name for the E-mail to Feed gate account and if you send a e-mail
right away after making the account that will activate only if it recives a e-mail, the account will be active for a limited amount of time and will display up to 20 messages in the feed and will keep them for 7 days until it automaticlly erases them at that time.

Mail2RSS has some great features like showing to display of the e-mail, rdf and rss output, text version and html version display, a print version preview of the e-mails/entry in the feed if you neeed to print them and so you can know how the user display looks like.

The Service is free and don´t requires account, in the case of this service i wish i would require registration and it could have a admin page for each account so you can have more control of your MailFeed.

Actual Stability: 10
Future Reliability Perception: 8
Service Interface: 8



I also found two other services for Mail to Feed but one was completely down and the other is yet to be released for the public. So i will add them later when/if they are available to use.

As always, if you want to suggest me another option i will be more than gald to review it and add it to the list.


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