May 5, 2006
If there is a Netiquette, then of course there it is a blogetiquette, but in this blog, Bloggeratto we have to be even more specific as you may guess, so let´s Talk about simple blogger blogetiquette, in this case The Bloggetiquette.

So lets have a look at the bloggers who break The Bloggetiquette:

The Bloggetiquette Offenders.

  1. For The Blogger Blog Owner:

    • The burnouts:
      If you are going to make a blog, please don't quit at the third post. I mean, OK, you can update whenever you want to, but taking the good names and leaving it hanging with 3 simple posts like


      hey this is my blog

      my life today in this very day of 2002.

      That is just rude. I can remember seeing a 1000 blogs like this one taking great names.

    • In oblivian:
      OK, you don't want your blog anymore, and you just don't want to do anything with it. Could you please not leave a dead end? Please leave us a way of contacting you so we can ask you for the name or please just erase the blog so the name gets back into the blogspot pool and other can have it.

    • 1995 Blogs:
      What? Never have seen one? Of course you have, they are those colorful blogs that have 1000 add-ons in the sidebars that drag the blog to take forever to load or just don't load at all.

      Please don't go into that kind of retro on us.

    • Bloated:
      The brother of the 1995 blog is the Bloated blog. What is that? Well, the guys who think is funny to downright put every single script on hand and is completely made of uncompressed images for its layout. Making you feel you are on dial-up and also making IE6.5 crash and cry, make F.F scream, and Opera do nothing.

      You can have image composition if you like, but please compress your images and debug your blog.

    • The snob but needy blog:
      This is the blog that wants to be seen in a desperate manner but has decided to only render correctly in one single browser. Whatever the browser that is.


    • The Replicant Blogger:
      This blog is made up of every post in the blogosphere and its posted like this:

      Hey check out how cool this:
      «entire post grabbed from somewhere else»
      Yeah, that rocks. Doesn't it?

      There are 87 services for bookmarks now besides the one of your browser, you know? Use any one of them.

    • The splogger:
      Ah, one of the most famous Blogger blog types.

      The blogs that are downnright composed of advertisments or chunks of links in every variation posible.

    • The bot agents:
      Dangerous and not really that known, this kind of blog can and will try to eat your E-soul. If you enter a blog and suddenly your machine is way too slow for a blog that has nothing and your browser is screaming that there are too many erros in the blog, beware, this is a Bot Agent that'll cookie you to death and will try to trick you to let yourself be infected with adware, malware, etc.

      Run away from it and report the F****R!

    • The SEO/SEP nut:
      There are so many ways to get good SEO and SEP, but this guy does them all wrong and is now so banned from the search engines that he is just driving himself crazy over it.

      And what is worst, he thinks he is doing his SEO/SEP right. If you are not in the first 3 pages of the search, you are not doing anything right, OK?

    • The ad-insane blog:
      This guy really just comes of at first impression as a good blogger, he updates daily with whatever he has in his mind, he is constant, his blog doesn't suck all-together, but there is something weird...
      Everything has ads!
      There are text link ads, there is ad-sense, there are banners, floaters and so much more in a disguissed way.

  2. For the Reader:

    • The feudy:
      This reader hates you. Why? No reason whatsoever. But he will hate you forever. He will report you as a splogger, he will talk bad about you in forums, he will impersonate you in the forums you visit and his blog is the number one linker to you, but more important: he will comment in everyone of your posts saying how much you suck.

    • Your politicaly incorrect reader:
      He is the reader that likes to read you and gives feedback. but for some reason,he turns everything into a debate, and will always touch sensitive themes even when there is no reason to do so, you could be posting about Cute kittens at one time and he will blab about kittens in a bottle, or eating kittens in his vacations when he visited Korea and oh ok..and Mexico. there are parts here were they eat them.

    • The know it all yapper:
      He is the kind of reader that goes all the way overboard and write you a response article in your comments about what you have just wrote that is 3 times longer that the post. you know, so you CAN finally GET it...

    • The bot spammer:
      Because of it, you have to use moderation, captcha, look at kittens, and hear audio to prove you that you are actually human. One has to wonder what will happen when captcha and audio captcha get shattered as they are as close to be. My guess is that we will have to look at kittens and be aproved by the blog owner. Oh well!

    • The spammenter:
      This guy is actually human and will get pass anything you throw at him besides moderation. But even then he gets into one persons mind. Yours! He is going to try and sell you things until you die and there is very little you can do right know.

    • Hello Hello Hello?:
      This is one of the oddies. An anonymous commenter who only says 'Hello' from time to time. He is unoffensive, but worth the mention.

    • The cross buzzer:
      This shameless fella will only leave a one word message at every post with the link to his blog to generate false buzz in the new world of the commentosphere.

    • The "This is sooo old!" guy:
      This guy lives at a frantic pace. He always leaves a message saying that you are talking about something old even if it only has 3 days from happening or being in the spotlight.

      This guy surely must live in internet time 24/7.

    • The lost one:
      Another oddity, but this poor reader cannot help asking for directions or about other blogs in the comments. He doesn't like to send e-mails it seems, and besides being also unoffensive, its just not good Bloggetiquette.

    • The reminding reader:
      Is good to know that your readers want you to post but, this guy will ask why you have not posted several times and will even post a comment about it if you miss a day from updating.

      It would be good that he could do it by e-mail.

Well, there you have it. If you have any other offender for the list please post about it. I do plan a future post about Good Bloggetiquette, but I have to find the humorous side too.


Aditya said...

You're calling my blog a snob and needy blog!!?? :'(

Avatar said...

Àditya, your blog renders fine crossbrownser and you don´t do READ ME posts. so you don´t have a Snob and needy blog.

but i do rememebered i were the one that told you to fix it....


Anonymous said...

Man, I thought your blog was so good then you already start complaining about sh*t.

diosaperdida said...


Sorry..not funny, but I couldn't resist.

My petpeeve..although not necessarily bad manners is people who take their content almost entirely from other blogs and sites. They have nothing of their own in the blog.
A bit like the "replicant blogger" I guess.

Avatar said...

To #3: well, i am not complaining, i am making remarks about it. and if i were really whining i would not have a completely open comment system or would be answering you directly without any kind of drama would i?, thanks for your comment.

To Diosa: yeah, you get the post pretty well,and yes that is one of "the replicant blogger" in action. i like your artwork. we should do a webcomic. together, i want to do a webcomic with only a image for post,and the story to told along with it in several way, very open style and very random, the them of it would be only the concept, if you are up to for a try, let me know. ;)

Gaby de Wilde said...

That's a nice idea. I would love to help make a comic. Your list of online personality disorders is hilarious. Can't wait for your next post :)

Avatar said...

Yeah, it would be quite great.

Hope, you have liked it.

Efendi said...

hmm... guess i was The 1995 Snob Replicant Blogger then ... :(

well, i'll try to step down the path of making a good blog, and to become a good writer too (never been good at it)

*fyi: i've read all of your posts now ;) it really really broaden my view ... hm.. what do you call it, Almameto Apreciato, if i'm not mistaken :P

Efendi said...

ahh, sorry, it was Molto Apreciato :)

Avatar said...

well Efendi, everyone must pass the rookie road.

And i really hope you liked the tour de force you had reading all the posts in this blog.

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