Jul 31, 2006

To take advantage of this day Opera promotion, let me also plug my Good Friend Gaby "Outsider Even With The Outsiders" De Wilde Google Toolbar Widget that you can find here:

Opera Google Toolbar

The relevant part is that is has a shortcut to Blogger and some other Blogging Aid related shortcuts.

And not the he actually need the Buzz, since it has been downloaded almost 50,000 times and is at version 4, and 5 very soon to follow.

Or if you can take my word for it just click to load:

Well, i have not talked about it yet, but triying to have always bloggeratto look right corssbrowser, i currently use 3 browsers every day:

1.-Flock 0.74

Flock has been quite a experience with the recent upgrade and i plan to do a post on how blogging with it can improve a lot your blogger blogging.

2.-Maxthon 1.51

Maxthon is based on the IE 6.5 engine. i use it waiting for IE7 to clear out of beta and also waiting to check out maxthon 2.0

3.-Opera 9

Opera 9 is the prettiest browser ever, it just look so cool that it makes me cringe to look at the other default browsers looks.

and it also has a Bittorrent engine (mostly recommmended for quick liteweight files) and a Widget engine that works so good that it really consumes very little ram.

And that is where this post comes into Bloggeratto.


The Opera Widgets team, has released a automatic Opera Widget engine that in just 3 steps can turn your blog feed into a widget.

You can either select the supported option (Blogger), or you can input it yourself if you want to put any other feed not in those options.

That is to either use your Blogger RSS Feed

Or if you want that everytime someone use your feed to create a widget to count to your feedburner readers mark, then you can use your feedbuner feed.

Here is the link to Bloggeratto widget, just click to load:



What is not to like?

Aditya is at it again. and his latest Blogger hacking is on Blogger Backlinks.

So, if you wanna play with your backlinks and make your blog lighter to the initial load have a look at Aditya´s Post

Jul 29, 2006
Ok, this is not a Slackerscript, this is more like a Oddscript (it exist just becuase it could be done) that my cranky pal Phydeaux3 has done just because he could (duh!) and to have something to shut up some people (don´t ask)

The concept is very simple, in blogger you have a limit range in wich you can date your posts, this script breaks the limits giving you the freedom to post from the distant future or from the distant past.

See?,i said it was odd.

However, i myself are responsable to have advised many times to mess with the dating system in blogger to make certain things possible, that is why i am buzzing this, i put the money where my mouth is.

So here is the script link:

Phydeaux3 Time Warp GM Userscript

And to read all the detail on the script please go visit that old man in this Post

Jul 27, 2006

Bumpbox has just released a upgrade to their system, meaning you can now get a Bumpbox Button, without logins and that they have adjudted their code page so you can get the code with the Blogger $TAGS$ to fire away and use so.

Also some automatic customization, now it comes with four colors:

like you can see in the post of the testblog i made for it:

Bumpbox Blogger Blog 2

You can also check the login version in the prior post about Bumpbox here:

Bumpbox: Web 2.0 Voting For Blogger Blogs

And the login version tesblog that is:

Bumpbox Blogger Blog

So, give it a new try:


Jul 26, 2006

xFruits is other of those Web 2.0 Start ups that works not servin one service but various service at the same time in the way of a online ToolBox, in this case serving serveral services to work with Feeds.

Lets take a quick look to them:

1.-RSS Aggregator

This serves as a Feedigest kind of thing that will allow you to make a mix of upto to
3 Feed in one go.

The Further Review of this will go in a new post.

2.-RSS To Web

A RSS Landing page, only useful to those that are not in Feedbuner already (so, not many), but if you wanna have a look at one, take a look at

Bloggeratto xFruits Landing Page

3.-RSS To Mobile

A RSS Landing page for Mobile phones, that is more useful to the overall user, it serves for PDA, CellPhones and Old Smartphones.

So wel, you know what follows:

Bloggeratto Mobile xFruits Landing Page

4.-Post To RSS

A Mail To Feed service, well that is also promising considering this is another option that can be used to either to collaborations with other by e-mail or to play with it.

I will put the review of this in the Mail To Feed Services Post.


Another service following a growing little niche, the Feed To PDF services and you can use it with ease, it is as good as the rest.

6.-RSS To Mail

Not Active yet, will update when it is usable

A Online ToolBox Service to compete with full blown Feed To mail services?, not really, it will only be useful for those that like the simple services.

7.-File To RSS

Not Active yet, will update when it is usable

My guess is that this will be a either a Podcast Enabled Feed or That rolled with a File Hosting solution.

I hope for the later.

8.-RSS Composer

Not Active yet, will update when it is usable

The big incognita of the services, the one that really makes me want it already.

Time will tell.

So, in the end Xfruits, is a Web 2.0 because it has social featured enabled for the user of it, and it has a map, tags and searchable profiles.

Here is mine:

xFruits Avatar Profile

The front of the service is that, the people that use the service, you search the people to take a look at how they are using the tools, and this usage can either be Public or Private. so it is worth of a visit and a try.


Jul 25, 2006
I am testing this Dpoll thing, after doing a review of 10 different Poll Systems.

wich i will publish shortly.

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

Jul 24, 2006

Well. it shows that it´s time for site upgrades, and the update of today is Technorati renovating not only its Look, GUI and some minor new features but also adjusting its accuracy wich was way way needed for the past months.

I like the new look, and i hope they are rolling even more new fetures soon.

So take a look and if you don´t haven´t claimed your blog, what are you waiting for?

Blogger is supported and completely automatic.


Jul 22, 2006
Yes, I am aware that the Native Search is not working anywhere, this has something to do with Google Blogsearch, so I can only hope this means they are upgrading something.

We will have to wait until Monday to see if this is cleared out or change the search to Yahoo!.

[Update]: Blogsearch is back up, hence the search is all up and run fine!. Go ahead, give it a go! :) - Aditya

Jul 21, 2006

I wrote about Yutter back in my review of Feed To Mail Services to use in Blogger where it came up as the best of the services i reviewed.

Well, the bet is even higher now, sure Feedblitz has improved a little but it is really nothing compared at the improvement of Yutter considering, it was already the best service of its kind.

So, yes Yutter is a service that will take your feed and then cast it into a e-mail syndicated service so people can subscribe to your blog and that the post come to their mails.

Since it started Yutter has gone from 0 to over 2000 users, something i find actually depressing considering how good it is.

And here is what they can offer to you that no one else can:


You can put your logo of your blog and online publication as the header of the e-mail and the subscription form your visitors are going to use.

2.-Custom E-mail Schedule

This is a brilliant feature that will help you to control how you drive your post to the one who read you, this option lets yu program and what time of the day or how often you are going to send e-mails with your posts.

I have set it at once daily, becuase that way the subscriber only recives one E-mail ,no matter if you did 1 or 10 posts that day.

And becuase, it gives you a window of time in case something happens and you edit the post or change part of it. Yutter will take the post from the feed at the time you have scheduled it to do so, meaning that the edit/change will reach your readers without re-sending the post..

3.-Complete Reader Control

The controls in yutter to let you manage subscribers are top notch, you can validate the address of a subcriber so they can recive your posts right away, you can export the list in a txt. file, you can erase/pause/activate reader whenever you want.

4.-Ease Of Use.

Yutter has the easiest and better looking interfase of the Feed To Mail crowd, you can set up a account and have it running in 5 minutes or less.


Yutter has the best set of features for a free service, they have features other charge for and one of the best way of managing stats in a service like this:

Real time.

If you still need more to make your mind take this comparation chart:

And that is it. please go and compare so you can know why

"Yutter Just Rock Da House"


I have 3 very simple rules to promote something, anything. be it a diary product, a web app, and hell, even people or ideas.

1.-I Must Really Like It
2.-It Must Be Actually Good
3.-Do/Did I Use/Consume/Dig It?

Ok, so, right now, if you like something, most of the time you pass it along to others, sure, but i think that it is not enough just to like something, one must question if it is actually good besides your own opinion of it, if it is worthwhile to others spend the time, or have the experience of what you are recommending.

Another thing is that opinions can change all the time, time pass, etc.

So, i am used to think forward before actually recommending something.

That is the key difference in the apreciation of things.

Going from the one that review something based on personal taste, overall validation and deep questioning of it.

Well, i was just thinking about this since i have been doing Buzz posts lately.

And just to make clear that if i am recommending something is becuase i have passed those 3 rules on the matter.

Jul 20, 2006

The recent Indian Blogger Blockage has finally been lifted according to the India Today

Something i find refreshing to know, is that according to some reports, the blockage was a mistake, a error, since they were actually wanting only to Block some Blogger blogs in a black list, that unfortunately now has been leaked to the internet, making those in the Black list to have more audience than ever before.

Oh, the sweet sweet irony!

So, welcome back India and welcome back also to Aditya that was affected by this:

Indian Blogs Blocked

I mean, can you just imagine the agony of not being able to enjoy Bloggeratto?...

It gives me the shivers just to think on something like that.

Got hack?, that sounds like a common question from a Blog Called Hackosphere , right?

Well, it is, that is the "slogan/motto" under the title of Ramani Arunachalam that made quite a noticiable splash on the Bleet starting almost at the same time as July started.

19 days have passed and there are now 3 hacks in Anniyalogam to the service of the Bloggerosphere if neeeded/wanted/liked:

1.- One Click Comment Notification

The One-Click is my favorite idea of Ramani´s Hacks, becuase not only that is a brilliant idea for a hack, it is something that should be in place as a feature in Blogger itself.

You put that hack up and if someone has left you a comment, now you as the author of the blog can notify him with the one-click button that you have left a reply to him.

This can only work and will only work with those who have a E-mail activated in their Blogger profile.

2.- Archive Browser

The Archive Browser, is a strange idea but it´s directed to low-broadband and dial-up user, since the hacks goes and gives you a reading page for that year worth of post on stripped down version, so it can be as lightweight as possible to load.

3.- Featured Post Of The Day

This has been a idea done in other platforms and to some extend in blogger but not exactly this way.

Featured Post, will give you a random post for your blog everyday serving to those blogs that don´t update daily and to those who want a little novelty in their blogs.

Other thing you can find is a Blogspot Viewer. coming from the Archive browser idea, Ramani decided to put a fast reader blogspot new post browser tht he called Freedom Viewer

You give the name of the blog and this will give you the latest post of that blog

If you decide to give it a try you can find it here:

Freedom Viewer

And well, that is it. now lets wait what more can happen next.

If you like to be ahead of everyone, like to tinker with things and have a thing for Atom Feeds (or Feeds in general), now you can upgrade your Hosted Blogger blog to it.


will offer you the way to do so, and it is not only to upgrade from Atom 0.3 to 1.0, you can do another things with it.

So,go an have a look.

Many Bloggers by now will have an idea of what Cocomment, is and do.

And they have upgraded the system: Anouncement

However, if you had never heard of it yet, well, let me tell you what it is about:

Cocomment, tracks the Blogosphere and beyond for what you say in it. allowing you to have your own track line on it, meaning you will always know what you said and were you said it but, also letting you to know if someone else said or replied directly to what you said.


Not at all, Cocomment is for Comments, what Blogger is for Push Button Publisihng, The easiest and the best way to be integrated into your thoughts, ideas and opinions at any given time giving you the choice to share them abroad.

There are others options out there like co.mments and commentor but they still not come close to Cocomment, so if you have never tried it, maybe is time you would now that it has been upgraded to stay ahead of the pack.

Check it out:


Jul 19, 2006

A very simple curiosity, the option to have a animated feedroll in your sidebar or to carry as a badge anywhere else.

However, i can think of others ways to use it.

But first, have a go at it, as it is in here:

Powered by

Jul 15, 2006
A quick note to point to no to the new Uber SlackerScript (extra work prevention userscript) That Singapolyma has merged up into one for the use of anyone that wants to have a go at it.

GM SlackerScript Intall Link

For all the details and history of how it came to be visit his Blog

A voting system with the same principles as Bumpbox that worked on Blogger were something i was recently thinking in, and well, the first one of it´s kind that works Blogger seems to be this, more important is that it not only offers the option for the kind of vote button you want like shown here:

but that it offers the css file for the Vote Button to whoever want to grab it and hosting it elsewhere to have your own look specifications.

This service offers a specific version for wordpress and a custom version to modifcate that is the one that works with Blogger of course.

So, i took the time to make you and aready adjusted custom version that works with Blogger, that really only needs the Blogger $tags$ to work:


Copy the code below

<script type="text/javascript">
link_url = "<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>";
title= "<$BlogItemTitle$>";
site_url = "<$BlogURL$>";
type = "box";
customcss = "none";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.bumpbox.com/beta/bbxbeta.js"></script>


Go to Settings - Template and then look for the place where you want it to appear, (in this case it would be recomended for it be at the post footer)

Paste the code there and that´s it.


In this case the only Bad/Good thing is that to vote the user has to have a account in Bumpbox.


This is Good because that way people cannnot abuse that easy of the system and having an account in bumpbox will also give them a My Bumps list holding everything that they gave their good mark for, like in Digg and other Systems like it being able to track those items.


This is Bad because that way if they are not signed in they will have to sign in there.


An added perk for using Bumpbox is that everytime someone Bump a post whenever that be, it appears in the general Bumpbox Board giving you some posible extra traffic.

So the only shortcoming i see for the system is that the service work in the behalf of the user only, and it works in a public way for the Blog Bumpbox user.

Wich means that the Bumpbox user that has a blog cannot opt for a RSS feed, for remote checking and to have the option to play with it, for example, to have a lastes bumped items.

This also means that for the moment you cannot think right now of having a widget for doing the same from the Bumpbox Service.

But this observations are really just nitpicking about it because this is easy to fix, if they get a claim this blog into the system that will get you added features and tools.


This is a Blogger Testblog with Bumpbox enabled:

Blumpbox Blogger Blog


Ease Of Use: 10.0
Reliability: 9.0
Features: 8.0

Score: 9.0


Jul 12, 2006
There are two Blogs that have without question the best Native Search display there is, Aditya and me of course.

Well,Aditya has upgraded his Native Search leaving even mine to shame with a additional feature you will not find in that google ajax search google is letting everyone play with.

And that is Suggestions, wich means that when you start typing in the form it will show the most popular results in the page, and not only that, everytime you choose one of the items that are suggested, that word will get higher in the list of the popular choices, samewise if you type another word and that word gets searched more often it will replace a word in the list with that new hot keyword.

it is not that cool or what?

It sure is, and another reason why there is always a way to keep a step ahead of google.

Now, why am talking about this if it seems Aditya is not going to release it?, well, Aditya is a softie, and he sure loves comments, so if you go to his post and tell him to release it, he will comply, so go and suggest it to him...

Jul 10, 2006
Aditya points out the question about how Blogger upgrades will affect The hacks, mods and methods from today and the ones that still don´t get to be.

Becuase a lot of creativity is put at work when thinking about categories that is still the number one feature that blogger lacks and cannot provide at this time becuase not having enough server power at the disposal of the blogger platform so it can get upgraded as it should. the Blogger System it is now in constant upgrading and tweaking, some features come and go without no one noticing them, and other are still waiting their moment.

One of the next Blogger features that has been hold forever is the dreaded Send SMS for the blogger navbar, and also a button that has been put off and taken off of the blogger navbar is one that said simply "go" and i really didn´t had a clue what that was about.

Other features include a hinted design tweak of the internal Blogger look that we know,

One that is now in beta testing is the Rss feed for Blogger and i see it has got better but it is still not usable as the main feed just as it is.

But in the end there is always stuff to make up, stuff to do, i know because i have only seen 20 of almost a 100 concept i have in my head come to reality, so, yeah there is always stuff to make.

I can only imagine the better for the platform this year, and i am surely expect it to continue to be as flexible as it is, becuase if at some moment Blogger becomes strict, then the spirit of what Bloggerhas been from the start would just dry.

Jul 7, 2006
Blogger has updated the code running in the Admin Dashboard and now everyone can enjoy a more stable and fast admin Dashboard along a Comment Control for each post where you can erase,edit and manage every comment in the blog.

And here are the self explanatory pictures of it:


2.- Comment Window:


But it seems that i can only see it from the computer at work, maybe because of some changes i made to my Blogger account (don`t ask) recently.

Here is the description of it:

There is a new comments link that is just at the right of the delete link in the edit post section of the posting tab, when clicked,it will give you the comment window (opens in the same tab/window) for that post and there will be a "X" red pointer and a Pencil as the edit icon at the side of it in each of the comments of that post.

And that is it. now, who wants to know about the other 4 confirmed changes to blogger i know about? =D

*Updated 08/07/06: Now with photos

(yeah, i knew that last line would put this blog and my mail going on, hehehe)

*Updated 11/07/06: Note

The comment control is no more, i don´t see it anymore.. and i really was left weird out of it because after looking at jasper userscript, and i noticed there were exactly the same and began having doubts, i mean i had not intalled or seen it before but how about it somehow the broswer catched it recenly while iwere using others userscripts? i am using flock at the moment.

so unless it returns i have decided to only link at jasper

Bloggeratto has reached v0.2 with not that much differences from v0.1 and here it is the changelog:

Bloggeratto v0.2


- Some Bug fixes
- Removal of Gaby De Wylde Categories v1
- Re-Adjustment of the blog.
- Deactivation of Commenters Photos
- Deactivation Of Quoting System

New Features:

- Cocoment integration
- Asynchonic Comment Form
- Recently Updated post list, ( that uses the Blogger Rss feed)
- Custom Yutter Reader Counter

however since i did´t put the list of the v0.1 here it is:

Bloggeratto v0.1


- General Script Stability
- Adjustment of GDW categories v1
- General Adjustment of the blog


- Native Blogger search
- Multi-Purpose [TAG]
- Peek-a-Boo Hovering Blogger Nabvar
- Video [tag] for Comments
- Quoting System
- Ghostbar
- Commenters Photos
- Comment Numbering
- Comment Author Highlighting

And finally how it opened to public as Zero

Bloggeratto v.0.01


Bloggeratto Minimatik

( modification of a Thur template that is based in the blogger minima, even if the actual designer still deny it)


- GDW Categories v1
- In-line Peek-a-boo Comments
- In-line Peek-a-boo Backlinks
- In-line Peek-a-boo Comment Form
- Comments Image [tag]
- Expandable Post Zone Script


I will Add the complete list inside the Blogger Template statement later on so, it can bee seen what is inside the Blog every month.

In future posts refering to Bloggeratto version status, of course i will only refer to the version in question.

On the Road to v0.3

I am loking forward to v0.3 becuase that one will have lots of changes again:

-New Categories
-Tag Index
-New Comment funtions
-New Template Skin
-New Logo
-New general Features.

So, stay tuned

Well, i recived some mail asking where the hell i was. the thing is that my health was not OK the last 10 days so i were a little M.I.A on the Blogging scene because of it, it is sad becuase i have lots of stuff that i am holding because i have them in my notes.

It is also sad becuase it takes me out of my self marked schedule for the blog i wanted to keep when i started it.

But since i have to work in the day, it can get hard to do.

However i have done a lot of thinking and i have been distracting myself translating the rest of the post that i need so the spanish version of this blog can be in synch with this blog at all times

So, sorry about the hiatus but that is how life is.

But i am in no way letting go of this Blogger Craziness.

Thanks for the ones who sended me a e-mail.

I have recived some e-mails about where & when the Bloggeratto side-proyect i talked about a month ago is, and the answer is: I will release it a soon as i can and it will be worthy the wait i hope. and i already have planned the next 2 proyects after that one.

Jul 3, 2006
Well, it seem Efendi Kwok is aboard this Blogger Monkeying we love so much here in Bloggeratto, so as he is a good lad and i consider him a friend i am glad to see he is at it already, great to know.

Anyway Efendi has cooked up a clever and simple Hack to be used if you want to have as the title of the post says: Scrolling Prev/Next Button Links.

When pressed it will just do a scroll transition from post to post very smoothly adjusting to the lenght of the post.

If the post is short the transition will be moderately fast and if the post is long the transition will be fast. you get the idea.

The hack is implemented using a Effect library that weights as little as this very post.

So go give Efendi a Visit at that Post .

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