Jun 18, 2006
If you are following me by feed syndication (reader or mail), you should have noted a strange behaviour of the feed in your reader, some dead end click-troughs, reading errors and, the feed going down, and the most common of them all: duplicated entries.

You see, now i know why they have not released it to public consumption or even touted about it future release: the feed is in Alpha testing..

I figured that out reading inside the code of the error messages i got to see.

However, if you are going to be using it, know that the only thing that can fix the dead end click-troughs is burning the feed by a filtering feed service. you aggregate the feed as it is to get re-done RSS feed, then if you need it. that will solve all the problem minus the duplicated entries from time to time, the cause of this is that as the server they are using to serve that feed sometimes goes off or something is changed that will cause a reboot in the feed, making the Feedreaders accept repeated entries since they are served as new.

So, now you know why the anouncement of anything related to the Blogger Rss Feed has not arrived to Blogger Buzz or to your Dashboard.

One good note is that, is that if your blog is not updated more than once a day and that if you filter the feed as i said, you will be fine to use it. another thing is that it do not affect live bookmarks, RSSS digests,feedlists besides having the Dynamic Status Display meaning the Updated Post List will still work as it should.

For more information on getting a filtered feed go to the Feed Filtering Services Review and if you want to know more about the RSS Feed go the breaking post about it in HERE.


Gaby de Wilde said...

It's also nice to have the feed update when the post happens. Sometimes the news is old the next day.

Avatar said...

Yes gabs, that is nice. i hope they realease it soon as long with the other featues i have seen.

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