Jun 15, 2006
Tagging your blog huh? You have several posts and you are just tagging your blog... I could see myself working for more than one day tagging my posts.

Not anymore, at most it will be done in a day and that makes me very happy :) Becuase a Slacker like me should not be put to work more that strictly needed.

So Aditya thought about it, reflected upon it, asked me what would be cool and he cooked up one tasty solution in the form of a Greasemonkey UserScript you can grab here

With this userscript you can enter your blog and go and create a new post. When you do so, this script will ask for your Delicious Username, and will load a column bar with the tags you have in your account, place the cursor where you want them and they will get written down with one click. Presto, Slacker Style!

This userscript will also do some extra naughty things for you if you are using The Hybrid Link or Johan´s Blogger/del.icio.us publisher and categorizer helper script and for final funtionality it will add cuteness to your HTML field when you create a new post.

So, go visit Aditya and see what he has to say about this:

Categorizing Helper Greasemonkey Script

The script will be added even more work prevention features becuase as I said, "Aditya, I demand satisfaction...!" ;)

Who says that I am not a good influence to the young crowd?


Aditya said...

Well, this userscript is only useful if you use either the Hybrid Link Field script or Johan's Userscript. Otherwise its only good for a quick reference to your tags! :)

Avatar said...

I vote for the Hybrid Link.


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