Jun 15, 2006
I did this Mod long time ago, just after seeing someone using the Post Page Categories that of course will also get the post here.

There were two versions of the Post Page Categories, and there are also two versions of this Mod.

They are very easy to have and mantain and here it is the tutorial:

This aproach is better suited for personal blogs and not intensely updated blogs.

In this version of Blogger Categories, we part ways with the post page categories and take it to a new level creating a Archive rule(you can do it in the way you want) for the categories. in this case lets have them monthly, you must create posts in different months, that way it will always remain in one sole month rule in the archive.

For every different month we will have a category where you can place your categorized posts.

In this categories you must remove the $dateheader$ that is after your Blogger $Tag$ in your template and always input the date below your post title like this:


making sure the publish date match with the month of the category your are using. The solution to the hassle of having to remember the dates for your categories is very simple, you only need to use the post template and put the dates there with the category they go with. so you will have not to remember them everytime and it will make easier.

You can also put your date in a date wrapper, in a predefined style or even encoded so when your feed reader takes your posts this will be added by date like if you had not removed the date from your template.you can also store it in the post template so you don´t have to pay no mind after doing it once.

You can now let the blogger system generate the month archives, and then selecting them to take out the link location of them.

After that you only need to do your category sidebar with the link to each category, erase the archive blogger $Tag$ of the sidebar, save and republish.

You have categories that work like a charm everytime and without more effort that channging a template style or adjusting your settings.

See a working example of it in this testblog: Archive Categories


Aditya said...

Wow! This is some really complicated stuff!! 8|

Avatar said...

hahaha, excuse comedy man Aditya, he is triying to mocking me...

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