Jun 6, 2006
In a joint venture by Aditya and Stephen, they have worked on a hack to offer you the same new feature your readers will enjoy if you are now offering them the just released Blogger RSS Feed.

This hack will give you the latest updated posts from your new RSS feed and it will allow you to notify your regular visiting reader when a entry in your blog has been updated in any way. This will seem at first as a too simple a feature to add, but it is so great that I can even see blogger releasing a new function <$TAG$> for the official version of it in the future, simply because it eliminates a lot of hassles and it will also increase the awareness of anyone who visits your blog, giving you a better readership.

The hack comes in two flavors: Static (synchronous) or Dynamic (asynchronous). Meaning you can choose to have it load with the blog or load after the blog.

In my recomendation Ii would say go for the static version. This is something you want to show from the moment someone enters your blog, unless you are way too script heavy and don't want to sacrifice the extra second your blog will take to load.

So, what are you waiting for?, go check it out in Stephen's Blog: Singapolyma-Tech and install it in your blog, because this feature is just not a matter of taste or having a better egde, this featue is a essential for your blog.

And while you are at it go check what Aditya rants in his own entry about it in The Last Word .


Aditya said...

Hey! When did I rant about anything! :-P

Yes, this is one of those things which is so simple you think why didn't they think of this before. Plus, the code is really simple too!

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