Jun 8, 2006
I remember when i longed for the day i could have not only the comments inline with the blog but being able to post to the blog without leaving the page and seeing how the page reloaded the comments, showing the new comments right into the peek-a-boo comment display.

NO MORE, that day is is finally today.

Thanks to a Aditya inspired momment when he figured out how to do just that and just after thinking of it he told Stephen about it, wich then sparked the implementation of such a hack and some short time after the complete hack was born and is now ready for everyone to use.

Just go into Stephen Blog entry and follow the instructions to have them displaying in your blog. this hack will be implemented in Bloggeratto so you can also check how it works even before having to go to see the instructions.

So without further delay, here is the link:

Asynchronous Comment Form

I can sense further exploration of this hack,but right now, just go and have a go at it!.


Aditya said...

checking comments! its cool
and makes links too!

Avatar said...


Efendi said...

testing comments, the preview is nice :)

the <img> tag is working only on the preview, but not after i hit the post button :p

hmm... just a thought, if there a preview up there, why is it still there is a preview button down here :P

Singpolyma said...

Niiice -- just testing my own hack as it is implemented here ;) The preview is cool... doesn't look like the final does, but very cool nonetheless :) Close enough.

Avatar said...

Great to have you here Singpolyma, and glad you like the look.

Manas said...

Avatar,can you tell me how to remove the Preview button that appears in the default asynchronous comment form?

Avatar said...

Sure thing Manas.

Go to your blogger dashboard, open your template tab, locate your comment form and remove this line and this line only:

<input class="preview" value="Preview" type="submit" name="preview" onclick="isSubmit=true;" tabindex="3" />

Save and republish.

you are done.

Manas said...

Thanks for helping.

Avatar said...

My pleasure Manas

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