Jun 1, 2006
If you have been around enough time to read some of my previous posts in this blog you will notice i have a thing for Feeds, any kind of them, Atom, RSS, RDF, and now JSON feeds.

I remember the first time i saw the proof of concept of a feed signal in a reader. back then it was a RDF signal (also called RSS 1.0) and i was shocked by it, by the potential.

I thought seconds after: "THIS IS THE NEXT BIG THING" and since that day i have been following the Feed Scene very very closely.

Right now we are in RSS 2.0 and there are a lot of Feed Related Services and a whole industry is rising up for the grabs of what will come.

I predict a full blown explosion for it in the 2007 when it will reach the front mainstream and goes Global, i predict it will be a huge industry in its own right of two digits in the billion scale for the end of the decade.

Why i am talking about this here?, well, for the Blogosphere and Bloggerosphere alike, Feeds will become more and more important too as how someone with a blog broadcasts and publish his entries.

So, if you really have not bothered into looking into Feeds, i think right now is still a good time to catch on pretty well and to evolve with them.

You can visit the posts i have made in the Resources Category so far to know more about services that use feeds to enhance your blogging experience.

There a lot of Methods, Mods and Tips i have to share with you yet that use Feeds as the base for them so please stay tuned to Bloggeratto, becuase i really will improve every month so you can get the best stuff i can produce, get and find about for you to use.

However you can look into TWO Great Aditya Hacks That were introduced to you here in Bloggeratto that use Feeding as the engine to power them:

Native Blog Search
The ABC Index

And remember that no better way to start using feed that grabbing Bloggeratto Feed For your convenience reading!.

This Post Complements very well with Aditya´s post Using Feeds To Your Advantage


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