Jun 14, 2006
I have decided that before we get to see Blogger upgrades this year (we can only hope categories is the main feature rolled out), i will do a extensive review of Category Methods, Hacks and services that have passed from the start of the platform until today.

Why doing it if we are actually getting categories this year?

That is not a Cold Fact yet, and some of the Categories that have been tried in Blogger will be still valid even if Blogger rolls out Categories for the simple fact that some of them can be used as Sub Categories or be converted back to its original use in the case of those that used Tagging to provide a Category Index.

I will start right away later today, so stay tuned.


Manas said...

Blogger is rolling out upgrades.Thats good news,but where did you get that news from?

Avatar said...

Well, the new RSS feed is not accident and there are other new features buried in code already there to be blown in the open. five sure shot features on the way.

5 unconfirmed but very certain, 2 other as a solid rumor.. guess where categories are?

at the two not confirmed or certain....so, i guess i better start with the reviews and tutorials. :


Aditya said...

@Manas: When Avatar gives some information, or says out something loud about Blogger or Microsoft, we don't argue with him!

Its a rule!


funny pictures said...

waiting for categories ....
How long ? 1 mounth , 2 mounths ? a year ?

Avatar said...


dude said...

testing your comment box

Avatar said...

@Dude: ok, do as you please, just don´t break anything ;)

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