Jun 6, 2006
In the recent Development of Blogger Upgrading (as i like to think about it), the system has now available RSS Feeds for you to have and burn if you need the stats or to let them be, giving you more choice and option for you to use in your Blogger Blog.

If you have not heard about this, you can easily find your RSS Feed in the same kind of url your atom feed has and it will look like this:


The Blogger Rss Feed has the quality of having a Dynamic Status Display, that means that if you edit a post this will change the order of the Feed entries Display.

For example if you edit a old post of your blog it will appear as if it were a new feed entry and will change its place in your Feed List.

This is the right way to go because it will mean that now you get something extra if your are following the blog with a Feed Reader.

Finally, there is some excepticism about this new Rss Feeds Blogger is giving out becuase they are not confirmed anywhere, but we must remember that even the audio captcha took alsmot a week to be introduced in a official form by Blogger Buzz so we have a few days to spare before start wondering if they are here to stay and if the Dynamic Status Display is a bug or not as some bloggers think right now.


Gr81 said...

Thanks a lot for telling about the rss feed. But I wanted to know if I can change the default location of my feed in my settings of my blog to the rss one? (It shows http://kvpy2005.blogspot.com/atom.xml )
Then my Google toolbar will be able to automatically detect my feed.


Aditya said...

@Gr81: Google Toolbar doesn't recognise the ATOM feed? Hmm... well, its not the placement of the feed, but the META data which tells these apps where to find your feed.

The Blogger default META data (generated by <$BlogMetaData$>) points to the ATOM, but you can always take the entire generated META data, copy paste it into your template, and re-write the sources of the feeds to point to the RSS.

However, you might want to see the pitfall of using the RSS as your blog feed here : Latest Updated and About Using The New Blogger RSS feed. The both document how posts are updated in your RSS, and why its not a good idea to use it as your main feed!

Avatar said...

Yes gr81: you should not use the RSS feed until it is out in a formal way, and if use it, read the two related posts aditya has directed you so you know why.

Thanks for your comment

Gr81 said...

Thanks for telling abt that!
Actually when I open my blog, the Google Toolbar doesn't allow me to subscribe to the feed (Thats coz I get some error in my atom feed)
Thats why I hav no option other than using RSS.
Still Thnx for replying!

Avatar said...

ah, that is a really weird problem.

but glad to answer, and at anytime you need something, here i am.

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