Jun 1, 2006
Bloggeratto is now at version 0.1 of what it will be later on and the end of its first year when it reaches 1.0, and even with the 2 scripts bugs the blog has, this has been a great experience so far.

What other bloggger blog or blog from the blogosphere can say they have a comments System like we do now?, and there are 9 new hacks for them to come later that will make them something truly great to behold and experience.

I also can say that i have a unique look for the blog, great functions with a lot more of them to come that i will share with all of you.

So, i am not complaning at all, every comment that has been left here is read and answered as well as the E-mails and with the comments and the E-mails recived i can say i have replied to more than 200 feedbacks.

This second month is going to be a blast, more milestones to be made and to be recived i am sure, , this blog will speed up it´s posting pace, debugging, promotion and upgrading, in just 2 weeks or so the first Bloggeratto Proyect Blogsite will be released and funtional to everyone that wants to use it and finally at the end of the month an important anouncement will be made once again.

Thanks to Everyone.


azer said...

hmm.looks good.

Avatar said...

@azer: hmm.looks good.

yes, thanks Azer, and you can post images and video here in these comments, and soo even more things.

i would like to have a word with you on something i had in mind, you will recive a e-mail from Bloggeratto at gmail very soon.

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