Jun 17, 2006
There is a new Slacker Script in the grill to make the GM Categorization Helper UserScript company along with other hacks.

Aditya made it so you can have referencial posts right away in your post creator on the Blogger dashboard.

Eveytime you start writing the title for your post the userscript will show the related searche results on a floating panel in a Google fashion referencing what The Native Blog Search does in your Blog.

And if you are using The Hybrid Link hack,you can click on the title of the search results and the links to those posts will be added in the link field, to be used as external links.

This makes it he best companion to the recently released Categorization Helper.

You can install the Userscript from here: Post Editor Native Search and Check out Aditya´s Post here: Related Posts Automatic Searcher Script


Aditya said...

@Avatar: coComments is working flawlessly! :)

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