Jul 21, 2006
I have 3 very simple rules to promote something, anything. be it a diary product, a web app, and hell, even people or ideas.

1.-I Must Really Like It
2.-It Must Be Actually Good
3.-Do/Did I Use/Consume/Dig It?

Ok, so, right now, if you like something, most of the time you pass it along to others, sure, but i think that it is not enough just to like something, one must question if it is actually good besides your own opinion of it, if it is worthwhile to others spend the time, or have the experience of what you are recommending.

Another thing is that opinions can change all the time, time pass, etc.

So, i am used to think forward before actually recommending something.

That is the key difference in the apreciation of things.

Going from the one that review something based on personal taste, overall validation and deep questioning of it.

Well, i was just thinking about this since i have been doing Buzz posts lately.

And just to make clear that if i am recommending something is becuase i have passed those 3 rules on the matter.


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