Jul 31, 2006

Well, i have not talked about it yet, but triying to have always bloggeratto look right corssbrowser, i currently use 3 browsers every day:

1.-Flock 0.74

Flock has been quite a experience with the recent upgrade and i plan to do a post on how blogging with it can improve a lot your blogger blogging.

2.-Maxthon 1.51

Maxthon is based on the IE 6.5 engine. i use it waiting for IE7 to clear out of beta and also waiting to check out maxthon 2.0

3.-Opera 9

Opera 9 is the prettiest browser ever, it just look so cool that it makes me cringe to look at the other default browsers looks.

and it also has a Bittorrent engine (mostly recommmended for quick liteweight files) and a Widget engine that works so good that it really consumes very little ram.

And that is where this post comes into Bloggeratto.


The Opera Widgets team, has released a automatic Opera Widget engine that in just 3 steps can turn your blog feed into a widget.

You can either select the supported option (Blogger), or you can input it yourself if you want to put any other feed not in those options.

That is to either use your Blogger RSS Feed

Or if you want that everytime someone use your feed to create a widget to count to your feedburner readers mark, then you can use your feedbuner feed.

Here is the link to Bloggeratto widget, just click to load:



What is not to like?


Efendi said...

hm... playing with opera now eh ? ;) thought opera wasn't very good for blogger :P

Avatar said...

err, maybe you didn´t read the fist part of the post Efendi, but i use 3 browsers?

i have used opera since 8, i knew it from before but i didn´t use it much because i was not into web dev back then. so..

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